Five Tourist Routes That Will Be Popular This Year

tourist routes
Tourist Routes

Are you looking for great Tourist Routes in 2020? Then, this guide is for you. We have made a list of five outstanding destinations that will be popular this year for you and your family. The reasons we included these places are a combination of beauty and a pleasant environment.

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Now, ask yourself, “what are the Tourist Routes that will leave you thrilled?” You can choose the one that better meets your requirements!

Montevideo: A Rather Exciting Yet Tranquil Tourist Route

Are you looking for a South American tourist route? Uruguay’s capital, Montevideo, is an essential part of the South American tourist circuit route.

Montevideo is known for being a welcoming city. Although it reveres its historical past of traditions, it is always growing when we talk about cultural and gastronomic innovations. The city center is filled with excellent restaurants.

Speaking of restaurants, the Uruguayan capital is a paradise for those who appreciate good meat. One of the most visited places is the Mercado del Puerto, a gastronomic center located in an old iron market of 1868. There are dozens of kiosks that serve barbecues — all of them made on appliances that do not use charcoal, but selected firewood that gives meat another flavor when turned on fire.

Montana: A Treasure in The National Tourist Route

The state of Montana is unique. Here, people can slow down and enjoy the greatness of nature and the American West. With just 1 million inhabitants spread over an area larger than Germany, this is one of the greatest untapped treasures in the United States, with stunning landscapes and a lot of wildlife.

You’ll find two national parks here:

  • Glacier (North)
  • Yellowstone (South)

Both parks are amazing, and they are home to:

  • 55 state parks
  • 15 wilderness areas
  • Several national and state forests

All of which make Montana an exceptional choice for nature lovers and adventurers.

In summer, you can enjoy rafting, hiking, and cycling on several lakes, rivers, and trails across the state.

Montana’s winter activities can be as bold as you want. Travelers attracted to snow fun will find some of the best ski resorts available, approximately 15 areas are ready for you to embark on an exciting adventure!

In addition, the combination of modern and traditional cultures makes the state the ideal place to learn about the history of the border and the authentic life in small towns of the country. A place included on any decent tourist route map.

British Virgin Islands: The Authentic Tourist Route Definition

Discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1493, the small islands — only 16 are inhabited — were occupied by the English in 1672. Today, they have the status of British overseas territory. You might say, “it is not a tourist route near me” Yes, but it is definitely worth it.

White sand beaches, turquoise waters, great diving spots, and excellent hotel infrastructure with spas, restaurants, and nautical piers attract a crowd of visitors, mainly from the United States. Its beautiful nature and romantic atmosphere make it an attractive destination for a honeymoon.

And who said that you couldn’t go on vacation and make money at the same time? When you go to the British Virgin Islands, you must remember that many millionaires visit them as well. It might be your chance to become one.

Egadi Islands: Incredible Beaches and Amazing Weather

The Egadi Islands are an archipelago of small mountainous islands in the Mediterranean Sea, opposite the northwest coast of Sicily in Italy. A great exotic alternative to a fife tourist route.

This archipelago is a land of wonders because of its low population rate and the Mediterranean climate. Thus, the island group is perfect for those seeking tranquility and unspoiled nature, as it is an excellent tourist circuit route.

With one of the most beautiful sea beds in the world and an abundance of fauna and flora, the islands are breathtaking.

Croatia: The Jewel of The Balkans

Favored by geography that offers an immense and spectacular coastline, Croatia has many cultural and natural attractions for the traveler. If you check the stats, you’ll see that the tourism industry in Croatia has a bright future, despite the coronavirus crisis.

Croatia’s most visited destination, Dubrovnik, is a must-see. Surrounded by more than two thousand meters of wall, its old center is one of several UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

A gray but pleasant Zagreb, the unique beauty of Plitvice Lakes, the Roman ruins of Pula, the vibrant Dalmatian coast, the open-air museum called Trogir, and a thousand islands like Hvar and Korcula surrounded by the crystal-clear waters of the Adriatic. And that’s not even the end of the list!

Final Words about Tourist Routes

Now you have 5 options to choose from for your tourist route, all with different experiences to offer you. Visitors are raving about them, and we’re sure that they will keep growing in popularity. So, start planning your trip!

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Ellen Royce is an experienced traveler and backpacking enthusiast who speaks 4 languages, including Japanese. She loves experiencing new cultures and meet people from all over the world. She has friends on six different continents.