Bulk Solutions Makes E911 Simple and Compliant

E911 is an enhanced version of the 911 system to get help fast during emergencies.  We know that setting up an E911 service can be complicated! There are a multitude of laws and regulations to be aware of and ensure you are complying with, and the industry can change very rapidly, making it hard for you to keep up – especially with everything else you have to do!

Fear not! This is where Bulk Solutions will help you out. We are one of the Leaders of E911 Service Providers in the USA and Canada. We make it simple to integrate and ensure you are compliant with the law, and we are experts in the area, meaning we keep ourselves up to date on the latest developments and can offer you world-class support with E911 whenever you need!

With Bulk Solutions, it’s easy to configure your E911 to suit your exact needs and protect your employees – and it’s easy to add and change address information.  With thousands of PSAPs – Public Safety Access Points – around the country, it’s critical for calls to be routed to the correct center. You can rely on our service to do so and route your call correctly and efficiently every time. We provide a complete portfolio of 911 services for you to build exactly the solution you and your business needs.

To comply with Kari’s Law & Ray Baum’s Act, organizations using multi-line telephone systems (MLTS) provide callers with the ability to dial 911 directly from any telephone in the system. We make it simple to ensure your company is compliant. With us, you can set up Webhook or SMS notifications, and provide complete instructions on how to test out your E911 service with us.

Bulk Solutions Dynamic E911 Routing provides emergency call routing and location capabilities based on the location of the user.  As you may know, Ray’s Baum’s Act will soon require 911 calls from Multi-Line Telephone Systems (MLTS) to include a “dispatchable location” to the PSAP. That means, along with street address, additional information, such as Room, Suite, Apartment number or similar must be provided to the PSAP so that Emergency Responders can quickly reach a person who needs help. This solution will help you work towards becoming compliant.

How Does It Work?

Say your customer has a hotel with the main number 3105551000 and 10 rooms at the address 1001 ACME RD Los Angeles, CA 90001.

In the past each room would be given their own number for E911 purposes where the address is sent along with the room number.

Room 1001 would have the number 3105551001

1001 ACME RD Room 1001 Los Angeles, CA 90001

Room 1002 would have the number 3105551002

1001 ACME RD Room 1002 Los Angeles, CA 90001


With the Bulk Solutions Dynamic E911 service and using a simple X-Header, you could send the room number Dynamically! No need to provision 100 E911 endpoints.

Provision one number 3105551000 and send the room number dynamically

X-ng911: Room 1001

When the call reaches the operator they will see the telephone number and the address with the room number.

Please email us at sales@bulkvs.com with any questions, our representatives are always ready to answer your questions.