4 Reasons Women are Buying Guns

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Day after day, the media reports another mass shooting somewhere in the US. As if that didn’t bring up enough heated debates on gun issues, random negative comments are being thrown around about the Second Amendment. Advocates of gun ownership once were seen as hunters or ranchers, but certainly not modern women. Well, that is no longer the case. The number of women purchasing guns has risen dramatically over the past few years. Here are just four of the many reasons for that rise in numbers.


Although big dogs and electric fences can protect personal property, people want more control over their personal protection. The need for self-preservation is strong in women, and preparing for a possible problem by purchasing a gun is a method of protection at least 700 years old. These same individuals take firearm classes and purchase specially designed concealed carry holsters for women.


Social anxiety is at an all-time high, and with that comes insecurity, fear, and anger. Gun ownership is a way many people overcome those negative feelings on a subconscious level. Whether the women feel the need to provide food for the table during a time of crisis or to feel powerful during a disaster, the gun can be a status symbol in a culture that believes guns can keep society organized and lawful.


Men and women have been shooting guns at competitions for over 100 years, and it continues today –

stronger than ever before. With target shooting, maze running, and long-range laser matches, it is an ever-changing and challenging source of recreational activity that women enjoy. There is also a camaraderie that women develop with one another as they bond over a cup of coffee after competing against one another on a shooting range.

Whether women purchase guns to protect themselves, for recreation, or due to fear, the simple truth is that females of all ages now own firearms. They don’t see themselves shrieking in horror and asking some knight on a white horse to protect them from the problems of this world. Women are purchasing guns to fight for themselves.

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