Keep Your Pool From Becoming a Swamp

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When the weather gets hot, there’s nothing like a nice swim to help you cool off and refresh. Having a swimming pool puts water fun right in your backyard. However, like any other body of water, pools can become stagnant and grow nasty things that are not fun to swim with. Pool maintenance involving filters and chemicals is required. It can be pretty complex, so it’s best to hire a professional. Here is what your pool maintenance person will do.


Water must be moving to avoid becoming stagnant. This is the job of a pump, which draws water out of the pool, runs it through a filter, and puts the clean water back. Your pool expert will clean and replace the filter as necessary, as well as inspect the pump and make any necessary repairs.


Whether you have vacation home rentals Newport Beach CA that you swim in seasonally or a single-family residence with a pool that gets lots of use, it’s only natural that a pool will accumulate debris over time. To prevent the growth of algae, your pool pro will regularly skim large debris from the surface of the water and vacuum the bottom of the pool. Another important task is brushing the walls, steps, and ladders of the pool to keep them nice and clean.

Chemical Balance

The final step in keeping a clean pool is maintaining proper pH and water-hardness levels. The content of phosphates in the water must also be controlled. A pool maintenance pro will test these levels and use chlorine and other chemicals to keep them balanced. This is a job that requires knowledge and experience. You will be happy to have hired a professional.

Owning a pool opens up a world of fun, and swimming is a great way to exercise. But, unless you want the local frogs dropping in, your pool must be properly maintained. Weekly visits by qualified pool maintenance professional will keep the water clean and make every swim as joyous as it should be.