5 Common Questions About Alcohol and Drug Detox

The curiosity to learn and know more about alcohol and drug detox is normal, especially when your loved one struggles with addiction. As much as detox is usually the first step to recovery, people know less about the process. Before you decide to enroll in a formal detox program, you must have the right information. These are the commonly asked questions about alcohol and drug detox and their answers.

What Purpose Does Detox Serve?

In a comprehensive treatment and recovery plan, detox is usually the first step, but not a substitute for addiction treatment. This is an intervention designed to help manage acute intoxication and related withdrawal symptoms. The purpose of detox is to create a medically stable avenue that enables an individual to be drug-free and makes it easier to enter into a complete form of addiction treatment. With medically assisted detox, an individual can avoid related life-threatening complications that come with withdrawal. There is evaluation, stabilization, and fostering entry into an effective recovery plan in the detox process.

What Types of Detox Programs Exist?

The main two types of detox programs are medical detox and social detox.

Medical detox programs involve interventions that use different medications that help eliminate drugs or toxic substances in the body, ease withdrawal symptoms and lower the risk of patients developing complications. These interventions aim to make a patient feel and remain safe and comfortable during the detox process. Trained medical professionals and practitioners handle the administration of medications and manage the related complications. There is also around-the-clock monitoring and supervision, making the process easy to handle.

Social detox, on the other hand, is nonmedical. However, some programs involve a certain degree of supported medication to increase its effectiveness. With social detox, a patient receives emotional and psychological support from medical specialists and staff members. The aim is to understand the root causes of drug use and addiction and provide interventions and strategies that can help in the recovery process. This is a short-term process suited for an individual with mild symptoms of drug use and addiction.

How Long Does Detox Last?

The length of the detox process lasts between several days or a few weeks. However, this differs and depends on specific factors; the nature of drug abuse, the severity of addiction, and the patient’s physical health status. Other factors that will influence the length of the detox process are the methods of administration, the amount of substance in the body, age, mental health, and genetics. Https://www.ascendantny.com/ educates more about the process and length of detox. After effective assessment and examination, the doctors will tell you how long the detox process will take.

What Is the Cost of a Detox Program?

Compared to the whole rehab process or addiction treatment, the cost of a detox program is less expensive. There are, however, factors that can influence and determine how much you will spend on the detox program. The detox settings you settle for to a larger extent will determine how much you will spend. The costs of inpatient and outpatient detox programs vary and will influence how much you will spend. The insurance coverage, facility location, program length, and amenities and services will also influence the cost of detox.

Can You Detox On Your Own?

Detoxing on your own is not advisable, bearing in mind the different dangers associated with the unsupervised administration of medications. With the varying withdrawal symptoms and severe consequences, you will only be putting your life at risk rather than helping yourself. There are higher chances of developing medical complications, including cardiac problems, when you detox on your own. This can even worsen if you suffer from mental health issues as the risks of suicide are higher. You should only consider medically assisted detox from trained medical professionals for better results.

Detox is a crucial process in the addiction treatment and recovery process. Having the right information about detox, therefore, becomes paramount. When you ask and seek answers, achieving a full recovery becomes easier.