Types and usage of repair materials to correct cracks of asphalt in your driveway

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In recent years, the use of asphalt as well as porous concrete pavement using cement has increased in parking lots of houses and the like has increased.

Have you ever seen cracks on such asphalt’s surface? On ordinary roads etc., asphalt cracks are frequently repaired, and black curves of repair marks are made on the road several times. I would like to share information about the materials are using by the asphalt paving contractors.

There is a reason to fix it frequently though it is not a big damage. And that repair can be done surprisingly easily. Asphalt used at home can also be repaired on your own while keeping repair costs down by using the products sold to the store.

Here, I explain the place of use and use of each machine, repair material and repair material used for repairing asphalt, and the possibility of accidents caused by releasing cracks.

Method of repairing asphalt and used machine

Cracks and dents of asphalt are repaired using repair materials and asphalt repair machines according to deterioration condition.

 In this section, I will explain the repairing method of asphalt for the repair material used for repair, to make it efficient and beautiful finish.

 How to repair asphalt

Asphalt will change repair material depending on the condition of deterioration. Degradation of asphalt includes cracks, peeling, dent due to car weight. Cracks can be easily repaired by pouring commercially available repair material into the cracked part and filling the gap if it is initially cracked.

However, depending on the depth of the crack, repair material must be changed. Since the size of degraded parts and necessary thickness etc. will change, it is necessary to select repair materials / machines according to deterioration.

Repair material used for repair

The following repair materials are often used for repairing asphalt.

  • Sheet type
  • Use stick type
  • Patch agent

I will explain the usage in detail later.

Machine used to repair efficiently and cleanly

By using the machine you can repair asphalt efficiently and beautifully.

Rolling machine

A rolling machine is a machine for rolling up and flattening a turbulent ground. There are various types of rolling machines as follows.

  • Vibration roller
  • Combined roller
  • Tire roller

 Dissolving tank

The dissolving kettle is a machine for melting solid asphalt.

There are things like trucks with tires that can be moved and compact dissolving kettles with small tires.

 Paving cutting machine

A paving machine is a machine for scraping uneven parts of a part causing a crack. Hold the handle and press the main body part on the ground to scrape the irregularities.

Three types of repair materials used for repairing cracks and how to use them

Repair materials used for repairing cracks are largely classified into three types. Proper repair material changes depending on the condition of damage.

 Here I will explain repair materials used in the early stage of cracking of asphalt, repair materials used for large cracks and repair materials used for asphalt with large damage.

Use the sheet type as the initial crack of asphalt

If crack narrow or crack initial use sheet type repair material.

The sheet type is a type of repair material that can be repaired by sticking the sheet to the place you want to repair, peeling off the peel seal, and then heating it.

You can extend the life of the pavement by repairing it in the early stage of cracking.

 Where you can use

The sheet type is made for use under various climatic conditions, and narrow cracks less than 3 mm can be used. However, if moisture and dust are present, care must be taken in the state of the construction site because grip is not good.

How to use

1. Remove cracked interior and surrounding dust and dust using air compressor etc

2. Paste the sheet on the crack

3. Press with a roller

4. Peel off peel seal

5. Grind it with a hand burner etc. to make it compatible with the road surface

Use stick type for large asphalt cracks

For deep cracks with a crack depth of 3 mm to 5 mm, use stick type repair materials. The stick type is a type of repair material that can be repaired by pouring repair material that got heated to soften it to a location where it is desired to repair.

 Where you can use

It is suitable for places where tire friction occurs or where extreme wear is predicted. However, as with the sheet type, it is weak against moisture and dust, so check the condition of the construction part and use it from the hand.

How to use

1. Remove cracked interior and surrounding dust and dust using air compressor etc

2. Heat and soften the stick with a hand burner or the like

3. Pour into cracks

4. Wait for drying

Use patches to repair damaged asphalt

In addition to cracking, if you have broken or are dented, use a patch. The patch agent can be repaired with only the scoop or its own weight without using a machine, so it is a type of repair material that can be easily incorporated.

Where you can use

As it is a material that is not affected by the weather, it can be constructed on days with high temperatures, low days, rainy or snowy days. It has high absorptivity, it is familiar with concrete and iron, it is higher to use around manhole etc.

 How to use

1. Clean the construction site to remove water, oil, soil, sand, pebbles etc

2. Spread a lot of patch to the repair spot so that it gets excited a little

3. Spread with a scoop etc.

4. Rolling with the back of the scoop etc.

Asphalt cracks repair sign

Asphalt is used for a long time and small cracks are generated. It is dangerous to leave as long as there is no obstacle to running, parking and walking of the vehicle.

Small cracks lead to major damage, and in the worst case accidents may occur.

When cracks of asphalt are found, let’s repair parts that are dented if it is a repair sign.

Here, we will explain the cause of cracking in asphalt, deterioration phenomenon other than cracks, and the dangers caused by leaving deteriorated parts.

 Causes of cracking in asphalt

The cause of asphalt deterioration varies in addition to the lifespan, such as environment and usage. Among them many causes are as follows.

  • Damage due to falling objects
  • Material decomposition by ultraviolet rays contained in sunlight
  • Decomposition of components by continuous high temperature condition
  • Degradation due to altitude rise in low temperature condition

In this way, speed of deterioration is accelerated not only by external factors but also by light and temperature.

Degradation phenomenon other than cracks

Degradation phenomena other than cracks include steps and ruts.

 As for the step, the step will be formed due to damage of the asphalt as the name.

In pothole digging, asphalt ingredients become softer due to high temperature, and flowing when the vehicle runs on it.

Because it is caused by the weight of vehicles and so on, rut digging becomes more severe as the place with a lot of time to stop.

Therefore it is a deterioration phenomenon that is likely to occur at intersections, parking lots, garages and so on.

 If you leave degraded parts …

Let’s repair immediately if narrow cracks have been made due to car running etc. The cracks that were narrow at the beginning are also worse when symptoms are left unattended. As cracks are applied with pressure such as the weight of the car, the crack grows steadily and it may become a big dent or hole called result pot hole. When a car or a motorcycle runs on a pot hole, the tire is caught and the handle is taken, the pedestrian may stumble and fall. Leaving a small crack sometimes leads to a big accident. When you find a crack, repair it frequently to prevent accidents.


The points for repairing asphalt are as follows.

• The type of repair material is changed according to the damage condition of the asphalt

• Use sheet type for narrow cracks

• Use stick type for deep cracks

• If the damage is large, use a patch agent

• To repair efficiently and beautifully, use a special machine

• If you leave small cracks, it will lead to major damage and accidents, so make an early repair

Damage to asphalt which may lead to a big accident. When you notice a dent or a crack, immediately repair it and let’s prevent the accident.