Everything You Need to Know About Business Valuation Services

Business valuation is a process and a procedure used to estimate the economic value of
an owner’s interest in a business.

Financial market participants use valuation to ensure the price they are willing to pay or
receive effect a sale of a business.

To figure out the selling price of a business, the valuation tools are used by business
appraiser to solve disputes related to estate and gift taxation.

Source: indiamart.com

There are some elements in business valuation, let’s have a quick look on that,

Elements of business valuation:

  1. Economic Condition:

A business valuation generally begins with a summary of the purpose. Reports generally
begins with the scope of business appraisal as well as its date and stated audience.

What follows is a description of national, regional and local economic conditions existing
as of the valuation date. State governments and industry associations publish useful
statistics describing regional and industry conditions.

  1. Financial Analysis:

It generally involves common analysis ratio analysis, trend analysis, and industry
comparative analysis.

This permits the valuation analyst to compare the subject company to other businesses
in the same or similar industry and to discover trends affecting the company or the
industry over time.

  1. Normalization of Financial Statements:

Normalization process identifies the ability of the business to generate income for its
owners. A measure of the income is the amount of cash flow that owners can remove
from the business without adversely affecting its operations.

  1. Market Approaches:

Three different approaches are commonly used in business valuation that are income
approach, the asset-based approach, and the market approach.

To determine which of these approaches to use, the valuation professional must exercise
discretion. Each technique has advantages. But you need to be very careful about where
to use these.

There are different type of these services.

So here’s the list of the type of business valuation services

  1. Transaction Advisory Services:

Transaction advisory services is a technical profile. It is designed for senior executives at
public companies, private equity investors.
This is to offer model validation, dcf and lbo modeling, synergy analysis for merging and
acquisition analysis, calculation of debt and equity.

  1. Audit Support Services:

There are professionals who provide specialized auditing support on model validations,
and composite security pricing valuations, fair value appraisals, etc.

  1. Real Estate Valuations Services:

Some of the business valuation experts provide support for real estate transactions
which include purchase price allocations, lease financing valuations, sale lease-backs,
financial reporting valuations.

  1. Compensation Valuations Services:

Professional provide valuation support for employee incentives, compensation plans,
performance related awards, and revenue sharing, etc.


In order to find the real value of your business, you will need these services. There are
professionals who possess skill and knowledge to guide you along with your business valuation services.

Make sure you use them to succeed in long run.

They can help you articulate value for transactions, investments, family settlements,
taxation, litigation and strategy management.