A Guide to the Variety of Palmetto St. Augustine Sod in Atlanta

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There are many various different species of animals, birds and plants that nature has provided us. Without this, our lives would have been very dull as it is said that variety is the spice of life. Many people have the habit of collecting beautiful and attractive animals and birds. Others want to create lovely indoors and outdoors using various varieties of plants.

For them there is a great variety of Palmetto St. Augustine Sod in Atlanta available. But they don’t know that it has many varieties that can be used in homes for lawns and backyards. This article should guide you on the different varieties and how to take care of them.

Caring for Palmetto St. Augustine Sod in Atlanta:

Like all other grasses, this sod also needs to be taken care of routinely. Caring for it is not so hectic but still, proper maintenance is required if you want to make it more pleasing and gorgeous. There a few steps you need to consider when caring for this sod type.

Trimming the Grass:

Every season has its own growth rate of the grass. In the spring like all grass, this sod also turns green and it is now time to trim it. Less mowing is required when the weather enters the summer season and it should continue till the autumn as well. You can completely stop the trimming in the winter as the growth comes to a halt.

Using Fertilizers:

The use of fertilizers wholly and solely depends on the type of the sod you are going to install in your home. But it is recommended that a mixture of several types which is suggested by the company from where you are going to buy the sod must be used. At least the fertilizer can be applied 3-4 times in a single year.

Water Irrigation:

Many factors determine how much quantity of water is required for the sod. Most important of all is the location where the sod is planted. The season also plays a vital role, and lastly the kind of Sod Farms that has been installed.

Avoiding different Problems:

The problems of insects, plant diseases and weed are the same in both ordinary grass and sods. A proper inspection of the grass on a weekly basis is necessary to look out for complications in the sod that have started to develop.

Maintenance in Initial Days:

When the sod is installed it takes approximately 14-20 days for the roots to firmly grip onto the ground. After the roots have firmly taken hold in the ground only then you can mow the grass. Watering for about half an inch daily is a must in the first week. Always look out for various problems in the grass so that it can be eradicated.

Varieties of Palmetto St. Augustine Sod in Atlanta:

There are many other varieties of St. Augustine sod other than Palmetto. Several businesses can provide you with the best and wide range of sod which include Atlanta Sod Farms. These variations are the most popular amongst people who want to have their backyards, lawns and even indoors look sophisticated and elegant. These types are for different areas and locations so carefully select according to the demand of the region.

Bitter- Blue:

This kind of sod is best to use in places where there is more shade. If you are living in a city where the weather is colder than usual then Bitter-Blue is an excellent choice for you. The speed of growth is slow and water must be given once a week but that doesn’t mean that it can’t withstand drought.


The quality of adapting to all types of soil makes it the most commonly used sod. It can survive in places where sunlight is available for only 6 hours. But the colder weather can make it inactive and the growth comes to a hold.


This type is best suited in places where you have a lot of sunlight. But it can also thrive in areas where you have shades and little light. It has been developed to tolerate drought, salt and especially shades. It also requires a very low level of care and can provide a beautiful look to the house.


If your home is located near the coastal areas or beaches then this is the ideal one for you. It can resist the salty air coming from the sea. Also, there is very less rain in these areas so it can survive with little water. It has a very soft texture with a bluish green color.


It is a dwarf variety of the sod that can endure in both cold as well as the warm weathers. Due to the heavy density of thatch that can be helpful when the sod is gripping itself to the ground. Delmar has the quality of repelling different insects and bugs because of the sharp blade-like leaves.

You can very well see that there are much more varieties of Sod Farms in Atlanta which you can easily and freely use to decorate your house, backyards and front lawns.