Best Tires for Off Road Driving

Finally, it’s time of the year when you can take the leap into an off-road adventure. So just enjoy this amazing experience by taking good care of your tires.

Do you like going off roads? Well, many people do. Since you are amongst that group of pro-motorists, it’s time to get rid of the traditional stock tires. Keep in mind! Any off-road trip you plan entirely depends upon the suitability & reliability of your tires. In case you have never picked out the off-road tires for your 4×4 vehicle, make sure you get the experts’ advice to choose the correct types & sizes of tires.

The expert can help you with the best tire choices for your car as well as for the types of ground you are willing to cover. For off-roading, there are many varieties of off-road & all-terrain options to choose from. Here’re a few that you are probably on a lookout for. So let’s dive in;

Mud Tires

If you are planning to drive in the muddy area, it’s best to get along with mud tires as they have wide tread lines with enough space in between the tread blocks. These tires are specially designed to help grab surfaces while slinging the mud free of tires.

Keep in mind! Mud tires are not made for well-paved roads. If you drive on normal roads with mud tires, these are going to be loud and bumpy. Since the tread pattern is aggressive, it can wear down in a short period of time.

Mixed-Use Tires

When it comes to mixed use tire, all-terrain tires are best known for this. In case you intend to use 4×4 for everyday driving, it’s imperative to get along with the mixed-use tires. These tires have the terrain grabbing tread along with the generous grooves that are designed to shed mud & water.

In case you are concerned about the noise, you don’t have to worry about while using the all-terrain tires. These tires have highway patterning in order to reduce the tire noise while ensuring a smoother ride.

Sand Tires

When it’s about the off-roading, the sand tires must not be overlooked at all. Sand tires have got a special tread design. There are many versions in it that include paddle tires that are known to feature straight or angled shelves across the tread surface. It has got the paddles that are combined with other tread & displacement features helping you grip through dunes as well as soft surfaces with ease.

For every car owner, it’s imperative to understand that sand tires shouldn’t be used for everyday driving. Since there is a hard surface, they’ll degrade the tires.  Unlike street tires, the sand tires don’t have stopping or turning qualities.

Depending on how often you drive off-road, the tires might wear out sooner than standard SUV tire. Therefore, just make sure you ask the tires expert on how to maintain your specific tire type in order to get most out of it.