Why Mesh Wi-Fi is better than Traditional router.

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With the passage of time, there has been a great change in speed of Internet and technology but the Wi-Fi routers has remained the same. They still have a single router that is placed at on corner of the house wherever the DSL cable seems convenient.

This practice has remained since ages. There is a lot of problems in this practice. You can’t be able to stream internet in the dark corners, over the wall and down the basements.   

This problem can only be solved through mesh Wi-Fi system. Mesh Wi-Fi use multiple satellites that connect to the main router of the mesh. User is connected to the nearest possible satellite and all of these satellites uses same password and same network name.

But do you really need, let’s take a look.

What is a Mesh Wifi

A wireless mesh network, uses multiple network devices to expand the network signal to a wider area. Actually one device acts as a main router, while other network devices help in rebroadcasting the signal to wider range.

Typically it comes in a pack of three where one of the device acts as a main router and is connected to cable that comes from your network provides. Other devices are connected to the main access hub and acts as extenders.

Unlike traditional network extenders, mesh network work on a principle that uses the same network name and password. One can move through house connecting to the best network without his knowledge or interruption.

Mesh Wi-Fi is usually used in large network areas such as shopping malls, universities, airports, big offices or large houses. That’s how you can move around the airport until the departure without any interruption connected to the same network with multiple access points.

Solving Network Problem with Mesh Wi-Fi

Mesh Wi-Fi network can solve many problems like coverage problem in larges homes, oddly shaped apartments, dead corners and on different story buildings. By providing a separate network access point to every area will almost solve slow internet and signal drop problems instantly.

The Mesh Wi-Fi network lets you expand your internet coverage whenever you want to. If you are expanding your house to multiple stories or expanding its area, you can easily solve the signal problem through mesh wifi network.

As we all know, the mesh wifi network rebroadcasts the wifi signal around the house with the same network name and password. This practice isn’t that helpful with the wifi repeaters as they use a new network name and password. If you move around the house, mesh wifi connects you to the nearest access point without any interruption.

Setting up network routers and repeaters are a hassle up while on the other hand mesh wifi is effortless to set up. The devices use latest technology and guides user for easy setup. Almost all of them have android or IOS app, which makes it super easy to set up.

Do You Really Need a Mesh Wi-Fi Network

Now, we have done everything to convince you how important it is to have a mesh Wi-Fi. It’s time to ask yourself, Do you really need a Mesh Wi-Fi network in your home or office?

If you have got a large area to cover or your existing network has trouble to to penetrate through the thick walls, cover the dead spots or span through multiple floors of your house. Then its time you switch to mesh wifi network or you have even problems or signal drop when you are near to your mesh wifi network. Mesh Wifi network will be the best alternate possible.

Mesh Wifi Cover’s the Whole house at a Cost

The biggest downside or problem with the mesh wifi system is the cost of the devices. Since its a new technology, they are still breaking through widespread appeal. Giants like Google are trying to lower the rate of the mesh routers. They have done it to some extent.

As we all know that a traditional router will cost you around 25 dollars to 50 dollars while if you look at the prices of a mesh wifi router, they start at 100.  Google mesh wifi single access point will cost you a minimum of 129 dollars.

Bottom Line

Well, It totally depends on your needs, before buying a new mesh router for your office or home. You should first research whether you really need a mesh router or not. They you should go for a buy.

Talking about the performance, yeah mesh wifi will solve many of your problem that also comes with  a superb designs.