Your Ultimate Guide to being an Ethical Tourist!

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Your Ultimate Guide to being an Ethical Tourist!

The sudden influx of tourists in different parts of the world is just crazy. It’s really overwhelming and refreshing to see how most of you are living your life to the fullest. While you have fun in the lush green mountains of Nathiagali, somewhere something or someone badly suffers. The locals, the environment and the infrastructure are deeply affected even after one tourist visits the place.

Most of you haven’t realized this because you’re too busy taking selfies with your mates there. Also, how can a place be your favourite when you don’t treat it like one? Better late than never. Realize it now. So make a few pacts before packing your bags for the next travel destinations.

Don’t Invade Privacy

Lately, we’ve been noticing the trend where tourists take pictures of local women, children and men. We don’t mean taking pictures is something wrong but its highly unethical when there’s no consent. It’s even more unfair when you upload their pictures on social media platforms just for the sake of 85 likes and 40 comments.

These poor people do not even have an idea of where and how their pictures are being used. Try to be a little civilized by asking for their permission before you click a picture with your expensive DSLR. Also, most tourists are usually very curious to know how people there live. In an attempt to feed their curiosity they end up visiting their houses and take a full round like they’re actually supposed to buy that property. If the owner of the house is fine with you seeing their residence then it’s totally fine. Don’t insist if the owner is showing clear signs of discomfort.

Keep Litter Bags

While you’re packing your white crew neck t-shirt and other essentials don’t forget to put a few litter bags. Do you ever throw trash outside the dustbin in your own apartment? No, right? Then you shouldn’t go on littering the places you’re visiting. By doing so, the environment, the locals and other people who wish to visit the place will thank you later.

Keep Indecency at Bay

You have every right to be yourself and have fun when you’re on a vacation. But by any means, you don’t have the right to perform any indecent or harmful act. Try not to be a nuisance for other tourists and locals. Just like you, they’re also living their lives there. Remember that social media is powerful before you decide to mess with any other human on their vacation for the sake of fun. There are great chances of your video going viral on Facebook.

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Let the Animals Live in Peace

Like humans, animals also deserve to live in peace. If you witness anyone throwing stones at the monkey who is literally minding his own business, stop them! If you do the same, its high time you stop yourself too. Animals don’t speak but they do get hurt. If you really want to interact with the animals then be harmless.

Make Maximum Use of Eco-Friendly Items

The planet is already suffering a lot at the hands of humans. Therefore, use as many eco-friendly items as you can to make it less bad than it already is. The easiest way is to start by saying no to plastic bags and bottles since they’re one of the biggest threats to nature. Practice the concept of ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’ as hard as you can.

Be kind to yourself, the people and this world!