Ultimate Fragrance Guide – 4 Perfumes Types You Must Know

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Not a single soul likes smelling. Or likes people around them to smell like a rotten egg. Fragrances play a very important role in our lives, like a song that takes you down to memory lane, fragrance take you down to the memory lane WITH of a person you were with once. Every person has a unique smell, a natural one. It can be either really good or really very bad. It is in human nature to recognize people by their voice if not that then by the way they smell.

There was a time when people used to have a signature scent but with time, more than a thousand fragrances have been introduced. Men and women now choose their daily fragrance according to their mood and occasion. Perfumes have been categorized as well. Some fragrances are for the day while some are for the night. It can be very confusing for most to choose a fragrance at times. Spouses choosing the best perfume for men but ending buying 2 for themselves. Fragrances are tricky!

Fragrance Guide:

To declutter the types of perfumes for you here is a fragrance guide that would help you in choosing the fragrance that suits you and your mood the most.

1. Floral:

One of the most popular fragrances in women. They are considered the sweetest and girly fragrance. When a woman wants to seduce a man with her feminine side, floral scent works wonders. It shows the romantic and sweet side of a woman. Wearing it a to a party for ‘good girls’ would keep you in good books of your parents, uncle, and aunts and even in your partner’s parents as well.

The floral perfumes are either a single note or a combination of scents of few flowers like rose, jasmine, and lilies. They create a powerful combination and lasting fragrance. You would be surprised to know that a good scent can be a reason for a strong bond in relationships.

2. Arabic:

Widely used in Middle Eastern countries, Arabic smells are very intimidating. They are extremely strong and last way longer than a normal perfume. They are mostly made without alcohol in them. They are a mixture of spicy and woody fragrances. Oudh is one of the most expensive smelling fragrance. Comes in oil and in perfume. The fragrance can last up to as long as a week’s time on unwashed clothes.

This Arabic fragrance can be used by men and women. The strong scent can be smelled from afar and is very very attractive. The Arabs are fond of this fragrance but it is getting popular worldwide now. This expensive smelling fragrance creates an aura around you.

3. Oceanic And Forestry:

These fragrances give off a very vacation vibe. The oceanic scent is a new invention which has a natural aroma of air, ocean, and nature. They smell fresh and very clean. This is the kind of fragrance that you can wear to an important presentation or to a job interview. The fine crispy natural smell is sure to leave at least some impact on the interviewer.

4. Citrusy:

The perfume infused with a tangy citrusy essence of citrus fruit. The name and scent suggest fun, liveliness, and energy in a person. This is a day perfume. Can be worn to a brunch with the girl or an evening tour of the organic market. This scent is so refreshing like a cup of coffee early in the morning. Wear this scent to reflect your positivity and your energy. You can find original perfumes in Pakistan easily online or at the stores.

5. Oriental Scent:

The exotic scent. Best when you need to seduce someone or out on a romantic date with your partner. The scent is surely going to have you score numbers that you were putting your mind into. The seductive smell gives you an illusion of glamour, drama, and seduction. Blend of the oriental scents with the floral makes the exotic combination of florientals. The powerful yet mysterious scent that one would really enjoy wearing. These perfumes have long-lasting fragrance and leave a lasting effect on the person you wear it with. Oriental perfumes are a sign of seduction and attraction.

Now you know 4 major scents that you can choose from according to your mood and situation.