How Technology is Transforming the Food Industry

By now, people from every corner of the world have witnessed how technology has become the driving force behind many industries over the past decade. Mobile apps like Uber have dominated the taxi industry while Airbnb are transforming the hospitality industry.

Is technology really transforming the food industry?

Maybe it hasn’t yet fully transformed the food industry completely, but it’s really making waves and the transformation has since begun. However, over the years technology has changed not just how we find and consume our food through robotics and applications but even how we produce our food.

According to a recent report, “An example of food tech is the rise of robotics in the food industry”. Robots are eliminating safety issues for the more dangerous jobs in the food industry.

In terms of growing food with the help of drones, GPS tracking systems and satellite imagery can be used to monitor soil levels, crop yields and weather to increase efficiency. Drones can locate crops that are diseased or damaged.

Technology is also changing how we manage our diet – for example the digital diet coach and nutrition coach apps. You no longer need to visit a diet or nutrition coach, everything you need can now be accessed at the comfort of your home.

Whether you want to lose weight, gain weight, watch what you or know if you are taking the amount of nutrient you need, with the digital diet coach you can get all this done within a short time.

A recent survey conducted by in 2012, found out that our tablets and smartphones are changing the way we prepare and cook food. A lot of the respondents said they use their phone to look up recipes.

It’s been said that recipe sites have surpassed magazines and cookbooks in usage. With social media, apps and blogs, sharing recipes across borders has never been easier.

Also you no longer have to decide what to eat or cook for yourself or your family. With a digital diet coach or nutrition coach apps, you have your diet mapped out for you and your family all from your smartphone or tablet.

One of the biggest concerns for consumers around the world is having healthy foods. Consumers are now paying attention to labels to avoid harmful ingredients. Many companies now “go green” by using technology.

Technology is really changing the way we consume food and even the way we think about food in general. Technology nowadays forms an integral part of everyone’s life.

From the way we consume our food to what we decide to eat to how we package and grow our food, we can comfortably say that technology is taking over the food industry. If not now, that’s what we look forward to see in a few years to come.

We can’t tell for sure how technology is going to transform the food industry in the future, what we know is everyone in the industry is now turning to technology.