Advantages And Disadvantages of Restaurant Employee Uniforms

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As a restaurant owner, you face many decisions to make one of which will be: should the wait-staff and other restaurant employees wear a uniform or not? This is not a tough decision to make as a uniform servers number of purposes in the hospitality industry. Some restaurants provide uniforms as they got uniforms manufactured especially for the use of in-house staff, which collaborate perfectly with the ambiance and vision. Another reason why wait-staff or other staff for that matter have uniforms is to provide consistency throughout the workplace. Uniforms are quite beneficial in several ways, such as consistency, identification, branding, etc. Uniform, whether it is of a restaurant or for any other business/organization, have utmost importance, and the decision of whether to integrate uniform within a business or not must be taken lightly.

Whether you are working in the hospitality industry for long or recently joined, you’ll most likely be given a uniform and if not then there is a specific guideline in regards as to what to wear and what not in the workplace. Restaurant wait-staff is the initial set of people who came in direct contact with the customers coming into your restaurant. They must have a proper get-up: neat and hygienic uniform which corresponds to your ambiance and restaurant’s outlook,  hair to be in place, shoes must be polished, gloves to be clean and worn correctly, and other such things which  may look trivial to us, but have a considerable impact on customers and their feedback in regards to your restaurant.

Now, as many still have vague ideas to be the advantages of restaurant wait-staff uniforms, here is a list of few primary advantages it provides to the organization implicitly:


Marketing: It is a common phrase, “walking billboards,” but this is a known fact that if your wait-staff moves out in public, they will be advertising or marketing about your business silently. People will look at them and unconsciously memorize the name or logo of your restaurant. This leads to producing more clients as many will come and try the restaurant at least once.

Team: There are many pieces of research and surveys available that determines the active part uniform plays in the teamwork. No matter what kind of uniform an organization provides, it conveys a feeling of team spirit throughout the organization. Uniforms result in employees being integrated perfectly with a restaurant or any business, leading towards success of the restaurant and boost in loyalty from employees.

Professional Appearance: Uniforms give employees a professional appearance that boost’s restaurant’s image in the public’s eye. It develops confidence in the restaurant’s name as well as recognition amongst your customers, which is an important aspect for a restaurant or business. 

These are the few very primary advantages of restaurant’s wait-staff uniform. But there are few pitfalls of uniforms as well. Nothing is perfect and is said for the uniform. Any business can make it as comfortable as possible, but will always be a chance that there will be a disadvantage or drawback.


Obstructing Performance: There are many styles of uniforms which hinder or obstruct the performance of wait-staff. For instance: a food server that has billowing sleeves in the uniform may come in contact with food or drinks accidentally. Another thing which makes a uniform uncomfortable is heavy materials. The best approach for making uniforms perfect is to keep them minimal with no extra layering; the fabric should be light-weight and stitched perfectly.

Resistance from Employees: Many do not show resistance towards uniforms, but some people are fashion conscious and show some sort of resistance in wearing uniforms specified by the restaurant. They might not like how they appear in their respective uniform, which makes them self-conscious of their images. Those employees who think independently might see uniform as a symbol of organization control.

Negative Feedbacks: There are some uniforms which negatively catch the attention. For example, a female server in a restaurant given uniform, which is provocative will get lots of negative or rude comments.

With all of these points, any restaurant might be in the process of creating a uniform for their wait-staff and other employees and must keep these pointers in mind and then start working on uniforms. The people working in the restaurant are your asset, and you must ask them or take into consideration as to what and who they want their uniforms to be. There are many things your restaurant wait-staff employee may request, such as for pockets and pen & pad holder, fittings and other stuff. The best method to have perfect wait-staff uniform is to have a wholesaler in contact. They’ve professionals working with them in every department be in the logo embroidering, wholesale t-shirt, or any other. By having a wholesaler in contact, you will have many benefits in uniform and other necessities.

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