How to Smartly Design Custom Corrugated Packaging?

For any brand, creating custom packing experience should be the number one priority. A well-designed packaging experience means using plenty of options available in the market. You need to smartly design custom corrugated packaging, whether it is a pizza packaging box or a House Shifting box.

Creating Memorable Packaging

One of the most important factors in designing custom packaging is to make sure that it represents your brand’s true identity, and is easy to remember. You may use the box, paper or even a bag for such purpose.

Corrugated packing is one of the best materials to use, since it is reliable, and also cost-effective. It may not be good looking but is durable enough. To create a perfect package, you will need to custom design it by putting in some more effort.  The outer packing is no doubt the first thing anyone sees. It should indicate professionalism. You can add patterns and choose different color schemes to make it stand out; however, this would add up packaging cost.

Add your Custom Paper – You can wrap the products in a paper, which is just adding another layer in the packing. Do not use simple papers; instead opt for some which have a custom print or your brand on it, or even your logo. This custom paper should identify that this product belongs to your brand.

Adding Stickers – If your product is fun and targeted at youngsters, you can also add additional stickers to create a fun experience. The stickers can also be custom made for your brand items.

Add Custom Notes – Customers like to feel special. When you add a custom note, or a thank you card, it will increase the value of your business. This helps them to realize how good your customer service is and how you value each and every client personally. The notes can also be about the product usage or brand details of your products.

Adding Complimentary Items – Sometimes it is good to send free gifts or a sample of your items along with the main product. This not only will help promote your brand, but the gift is a great sign of good customer service. It is a gesture which is really well appreciated by the customers.

Add your business details – In each packaging, add your business card which should have all your information, numbers, logo, etc. For example, if you are creating your home shifting boxes, you need to add custom newsletter about home shifting, which will help customers get more knowledge about the boxes that can be ordered for house shifting and relocation.

Complete bill – It is extremely important to add the receipt along with the product in the box or packing. This is basically for record purposes but can be used if the customer wants to later on exchange anything else.