6 Dog Car Seat Covers To Purchase For Your Next Road Trip With Your Pooch

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Nothing beats going on a road trip with your best friend – especially if that best friend has four legs, thick fur, long tongue, and wagging tail.

Traveling with your dog is fun. Cleaning up the post-adventure mess in your car left by your canine friend? Not so much. Just think about the shedding of fur, scratches on your leather seats, mud stains, and all that slobber you need to deal with.

But just because your furry buddy makes a mess doesn’t mean you can’t bring them onboard – your pooch simply deserves a special seat in your car. That said, you need to invest in a good car seat covers that keep your precious car seats clean and your dog properly contained.

Here are 6 car seat covers that will make your pet comfortable on your road trip while keeping your car seats in good shape.

1. Dog hammocks

Hammock-style covers are basically seat covers that create a literal hammock at the back of your car. They hang between the back of the front seat and the front of the back seat. Some hammocks also have zippered raised side flaps to protect your door upholstery from scratches, dirt, and slobbers.

Hammocks are a great option for active pooches since they can keep them the most contained. They do three things: protect your seats, keep your dog from falling in the footwell, and prevent your dog from hopping onto the front seat as you drive. They also give the best protection for your dog if you need to stop suddenly or in the case of an accident.

What to look for: Get a hammock that’s durable enough for your dog’s weight. Signs of good quality include waterproof fabric, double-stitched seams, and piping for catching dirt and water. You should also look for a hammock with a zipper down the middle so you can split it up and allow another person to sit on one side of the bench seat.

2. Bench seat covers

Bench seat covers are designed to protect the entire backseat from doggo scratches, hair, mud, and slobbers. They’re a great option for larger dogs. Just make sure to measure your backseat properly and compare it with the dimensions of the seat cover to ensure a tailored look. 

What to look for: Coverage and durability are key aspects. Look for a cover with a waterproof fabric, strong seams, and piping to catch water and dirt. Look for a cover that has at least four points of attachment to keep your dog from moving it and uncovering your clean seat. Lastly, make sure the covers have adequate openings to insert both the human seat belts and the dog seat belt harnesses.

3. Front seat covers (bucket seat covers)

If you prefer having your buddy beside you while driving, front car seat covers got you covered (pun intended). They protect the entire seat, back, and bottom. They’re not limited to your front seats – they can also be used anywhere you may have bucket seats

What to look for: Ensure durability by looking for double-stitched seams, waterproof materials, and piping on the edges. If your car has strange features where a universal seat cover won’t work, you may get one of the irregular options.

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4. Irregular car seat covers

No seat cover is completely universal. If you feel like your car seats have unusual armrests, uncooperative cup holders, an extra-wide bench, and other unique features, you may want to purchase seat covers that only protect the bottom part of the seat. You may also ask a supplier for dog-friendly custom car seat covers

5. Cargo Covers or Boot Liners

If you have an SUV, minivan, or station wagon and your dogs love to ride in your rear area, you may consider having cargo covers. These protective covers lay flat in your storage area. Some products cover just the floor area while others come with raised sides to protect the entire boot space.

What to look for: Well-made cargo covers have rubber bumper guards that fold out to protect the bumper and make loading and unloading easier for your dog. It’s also suggested to get one with a zipper that allows you to fold down one of your seats.

6. Car Door Guards

Dogs love to put their paws up to see the view, especially when the window is rolled down. While the sight of it looks adorable, this could mean more scratches, dirt, and slobber to your car door upholstery. Car door guards are designed to save your door upholstery from such damages. They fit in between your window and door panel and hang down as a sturdy, waterproof barrier.

What to look for: Make sure to get thick and rugged enough to protect your car from your dog’s mess. It should be waterproof too for easy cleaning. While car door guards are nearly universal, it pays to check the dimensions to ensure it would fit your car.

Author Bio: Mina Natividad is one of the daytime writers for TuffSeat Car Seat Covers, a leading supplier of genuine accessory seat covers to the Australian car market, offering vehicle-specific covers for top brands including. Toyota, Holden, Ford, Mitsubishi, Hino, Fuso, Isuzu Trucks, and more. She loves writing about automobiles, travel, and lifestyle.