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The foremost issue faced by every kitchen is the lack of storage, kitchen space, and the same old, bland kitchen pattern. Modular kitchens are the latest trending kitchen designs created to suit your style and make your kitchen experience more comforting. This high-class innovation is designed to meet your everyday kitchen requirements by giving your kitchen a smooth and elegant appearance. They are buyer-friendly and are available in your desired color or pattern. With extra storage space, clutter-free countertops, and kitchens that look spacious, these modern kitchens are perfect for Indian kitchen space.

So, if you are skeptical about installing the modular kitchens, here are a few modular kitchen design and ideas you should consider

L-shaped kitchen

These kitchens have two adjacent countertops with one side more extended than the other one. L-shaped designs work best for a kitchen with limited space. One of the benefits of this kitchen is it will help you retain the crucial kitchen triangle. These kitchens help you with better storage and space. You can arrange the dining space right beside the kitchen. One of the best features of an L-shaped kitchen is its simple and efficient workspace. They are great for the corner space and the cabinets can be adjusted to length. This kitchen works best for Indian kitchen design. Add an island to make your kitchen look more royal.

U-shaped kitchen-

U-shaped designs aka Horseshoe designs are for the kitchens with larger space. This kitchen design features three walls that are lined up with the storage space and the appliances. These kitchen designs make your daily kitchen work more convenient by creating a large amount of storage and by providing you more free space to continue your kitchen activities. While installing this design consider the position of cabinets and appliances and then place accordingly. Go for open shelves to make your kitchen look less crowded. You can also incorporate Built-in appliances for a sleek finishing.

Island kitchen-

Islands make your kitchen a social hub. Kitchen island comes in various shapes and sizes and you can accommodate it according to your need. An island is a piece of extra freestanding furniture which can be used as an extra workstation. Island kitchens also come with separate dining space to make your kitchen experience more spacious. This kitchen design may include appliances and cabinetry for storage and is highly functional. You can use the island to store your daily essentials or you can utilize it as a dining space.

Galley Kitchen-

A kitchen gallery usually has two rows of cabinetry that face one another with a narrow walkway in between. These kitchens are considered to be safe and efficient. To make it look more elegant you can either put tall units in one of the walls or if you have got enough space, you can also add an island to make your kitchen more sociable. Always look for the layout and then plan accordingly. You can always go vertical with the storage so that you can keep all your appliances and utensils in the kitchen.

Peninsula or G-shaped kitchen-

A G-shaped kitchen can be defined as a design having a cabinetry configuration that has a preparation-area peninsula and four walls of storage. These kitchens work best in large spaces with an open layout.  You can utilize a 45-degree angle for a more convenient workflow by placing your refrigerator in the corner. You can also place an island in the center of the G-shaped kitchen and for this, you will need at least 8 feet between the far countertops.  Use the island for storing your appliances or you can also utilize it for a seating area. For a large Indian style kitchen design, G-shaped kitchens are considered to be the best because of the amount of storage it provides.