How to Get HBO on Spectrum Easily

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When it comes to entertainment, some people find it fun to watch movies. And some like to binge-watch shows. There is an extensive variety of channels these days and each better than the other. One often finds it hard to decide which channel to tune in to. Because the top ones on the list have the best shows. And it becomes so hard to make a choice between them. Among these premier, channels are Spectrum’s HBO as well. Spectrum offers you some of the best and affordable packages. The channel lineup that the company offers is commendable as well. And HBO, as we all know it, is home to some of the best movies.

If you use the cable services offered by Spectrum, here are all the easy ways by which you can get HBO.

Through Cable Packages

Triple Play Silver

 Although Spectrum offers three packages to its customers, the Triple Play Select does not offer HBO. So, if you have HBO as your preferred choice, then you will have to subscribe to the Triple Play Silver package. The Triple Play packages include all three services (as the name suggests). This means you get access to the cable, voice and Internet services. The Triple Play Silver package allows you to watch over 175 channels. Woah! That’s obviously a huge number. But you cannot opt for the package lower than this as it does not offer HBO. Not only this, you get access to other premium channels too that include ESPN, Showtime and CNN. You will have a channel from every genre.

Triple Play Gold

You can subscribe to this package as well if you want easy access to HBO. The difference between the Silver and Gold packages is the number of channels that they offer. The Triple Play Gold package gives you a variety of over 200 channels that you can choose from including HBO. Apart from that, it includes some additional premium channels that you won’t find in the Silver packages. These include The Movie Channels, Starz and Starz Encore. Other than the number of channels, the prices are of both packages also vary.

But what stays common to both packages is the speed of the Internet (100 Mbps for both). And the liberty of unlimited nationwide calling.

In case you cannot stick to one place and you are always on the go, there is an option for you too. You can watch HBO GO. Spectrum brings to you the TV channel apps on the go.

Through Spectrum TV App

On Your Mobile Device

If you install the Spectrum TV App, then you get access to over 80 channel apps. This means that you can watch Live TV from anywhere that you wish to. So, if you are traveling in a tube or are bored while your friend’s shop, just logs into your Spectrum app and watch whatever you wish to. You have a buffet of channels at your display. All you need to have is a mobile device, an Internet connection and you are good to go. Among the many channels that you get access to include: HBO GO, CNN, Golf, History, Starz, etc.

The options are unlimited. If you have subscribed to the Spectrum TV service, you do not need to pay any extra charges to download the app on your mobile device. Isn’t that great! Well, if this was not enough, the app also gives you access to the DVR. So you can tune into your DVR and watch the recorded shows or schedule a recording via the app.

On Your Smart TV, Roku, & Xbox

If you are thinking that you can only access the app on your mobile devices, then you are wrong. The app can actually be used with your Samsung Smart TV, Roku and Xbox One. And it is compatible with many other devices including iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and iPad Mini when considering Apple. If you talk about Amazon, then the app is compatible with the Kindle Fire models. Android devices also support the app.

So, subscribing to HBO is that easy. All you need is Spectrum Cable TV and you are sorted. Some of the famous shows include The Deuce, Insecure, Boardwalk Empire and Game of Thrones. Some of the prominent original movies by the channel include O.G., Breaking In and Deadpool 2. The list won’t exhaust so why don’t you subscribe to the service and check out yourself.