Top 6 LED Lighting Ideas for Home

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When the time comes to make some decisions while you are looking forward to designing space lighting is an important element that needs to be considered.

Lights are used for all different reasons – such as to highlight task areas, zone spaces, change the mood of your rooms, add visual interest, etc. This brings attention to design features in the home (e.g. art or architectural details). You can get it done with the help of Northern Beaches electricians.

For the past few years, we’ve leaned towards using LED lighting as much as possible. LED lights are super energy efficient and use around 85% less energy than halogen or incandescent lighting.

Not only is this obviously much better for the environment but it also results in significant savings to power bills.

Here are top 5 LED lighting ideas for around the home that is also derived from the knowledge of Northern Beaches emergency electrician:

1. Switch to an LED desk lamp

What better way to start the list of LED lighting ideas than to show you my home office. We love this LED desk lamp as it looks modern and suits the Scandi styling of offices. It gives great light in the evenings when you are working after the kids go to bed.

The good thing about LED lamps like this is you don’t have to worry about bulbs as the mechanism is all built-in. 

LED strip lighting is a great way to bring a different lighting mood to your bathroom. In the bathrooms, we have specified LED strip lighting under the medicine cabinets in both the main bathroom and the ensuite.

You can’t see these at all during the day, but when turned on at night they give off a soft glow and create a lovely evening atmosphere. They are also a great idea for homes with kids. These can be left on all night for when little people need to take night trips to the bathroom.

2. LED downlights – modern placement for ornate ceilings

With the modern placement of the LED lights in all of the living spaces (i.e. bedrooms, lounge/living areas) you can create a great effect. Having dimmable lights means that different moods can be created depending on what is happening or what light might be needed. Kids can also have the lights dimmed at night in lieu of a night light.

Normally you might expect to find downlights in each corner of a room and although there’s nothing wrong with that, for this project you don’t want to interrupt the beautiful ornate ceilings so you can choose to place the lights in groupings of two in discreet parts of the ceiling.

The result is a modern lighting solution in the middle of an original feature and the combination of the two works really well together. You can get them installed with the help of Northern Beaches electricians.

3. LED downlights – more traditional placement

If that look isn’t really your thing, then LED downlights also look great in more traditional arrangements as well (i.e. in rows or in corners of a room).

One thing to make sure is that you don’t overuse downlights, especially in large open spaces, as this can make the light far too bright and the ceiling can look really cluttered, even when the lights are off.

When choosing LED downlights you will need to make decisions on wattage, lumens, and the angle of the beams and color of the light. Paying attention to these factors helps you work out how many lights will be needed in a large space to ensure there are no ‘dead’ zones (i.e. areas that haven’t been lit well).

It can be a bit complicated to work all this out but local Northern Beaches electricians have a great range of resources on their website about how this all works and in-store, you can try out the different wattages and colors of the downlights in person.

4. LED floor lamp

Another LED lighting solution used in many projects where the LED floor lamp (the Blakely floor lamp in black) were used. The classic lines of the lampwork perfectly with the vintage mid-century chair and the lamp was the perfect size for the corner of this master bedroom.

The appearance of this is quite appealing to catch the attention of everyone and set up your mood for a good night’s sleep.

5. Wall lights

A different kind of LED lighting solution used in several other projects was this LED up/down wall light. These lights are great for this hallway as they light the space while giving the walls some extra interest during the day. Their modern shape makes them almost like little architectural features of their own.