BROWS SAY NO-NO: Things That Damage Your Eyebrows

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The eyebrows are among the most cherished body parts. Specifically, on the face, they are very much taken care of as much as the others are, just in a particularly unique way. Lots of people consider their eyebrows as their asset. They think these make them look more visually attractive and appealing. Everyone’s eyebrows are different from each other, but one thing is for sure, an effort is placed on maintaining them looking good or at least, keeping them neat.

Unfortunately, it’s not always that eyebrows are easy to manage. More, unfortunately, sometimes, when you do the better, that’s when they ruined and damaged. Indeed, eyebrows may not seem to be actively functional all the time, but they are helpful, and they are delicate. 

Of course, you do not want your eyebrows to get mistreated, not by anyone, not even by you. For you to understand more of what causes them to get wrecked, below is a list of 8 things you yourself do to them which are not good for eyebrows in general.


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When you have unruly eyebrows, you want them to keep calm and stay in their place as they give you a clean brow look. These facial hairs on your eye areas can also have a so-called bad hair day. There are just certain times when they do not seem to cooperate with you and become stubborn, growing and going towards different directions. 

This is why some people, which might include you, have the habit of using brow gels. Sometimes, just when they do not feel well about themselves and their look, they randomly put gels on their brows to make them look nice. 

When not a compulsion, you may also use it for occasions you want your eyebrows to be tidy. Usually, these eyebrow gels are used for formal events that require or that propel you to wear full makeup.

While these gels do a lot of help in taming your eyebrows and making sure they do not ruin your look by branching out in whatever direction, they also make your precious brows stiff. They become brittle and breakable. They become more vulnerable to getting crisp, broken and disfigured. 

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When you wear makeup, you know so well that you have to choose the right ones that will not only make you look good and feel good but most especially those that will give the best and healthiest results! On top of everything, health should always be a priority.

First, buy and use makeup that is not oil-based. Second, wear it well, make sure you’re not putting too much, just the comfortable, healthy and right amount. Third, do not forget to clean your whole face–yes, including your eyebrows and the areas around them! Actually, you really should not put creams on your eyebrows, but the best thing to do if it’s necessary is to clean them well right after. Fourth, make sure you do the previous one thoroughly; see to it that there is no remaining makeup particle. 

Makeup creams can penetrate into the brow follicles. If that happens, your eyebrows can get harmed. This is one of the reasons why falling out occurs. Even the hair growth can be affected and thwarted. It’s because of pore-clogging. 


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Not just rubbing with your bare hands can be unhealthy for your eyebrows, but also with the use of your makeup tools. You must use a well-pigmented a brow pencil because it not, you’ll unconsciously put extra effort and force to scrub and press harder so that it really works well. It’s improper to rub or apply makeup in a rough way. The roots are fragile. 


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Tweezing is one of the ways most people keep their eyebrows well kept. When there are hairs growing in seemingly “misplaced” areas, they believe tweezing is the key! However, It isn’t always the key, and if it is, it should not be overdone! 

Also, be very careful when you are already tweezing near the borders of the brows’ shape because, in those areas, the hairs are more sensitive and rare. If you over tweeze, it may take months for hair growth to resume well. Aside from that, wrongly doing so can severely devastate the follicles. That’s the worst-case because there’s a high chance that hair will no longer come back.



When you use cosmetics, makeup apparatuses, and other beauty-intended materials and tools, it’s important that you do not just use them as they are; keep in mind that you must also make sure they are clean before and after utilizing them.

It may not be visible to the naked eye, but ignoring the proper cleaning and sterilizing your tweezers can be dangerous. Bacteria can freely enter. 

With dirty tweezers used over and over again without being cleaned, you can develop infections. Don’t hesitate to at least wipe and swab them with sanitary rags or cotton pads. It would be best to use disinfectant liquid on them too. If you store them open near tools that easily acquire bacteria, it’s possible that they get them too; be certain that the storage is also safe and secure.


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If you think that taking a shower or bath right after tweezing is a comfortable and relaxing way to remove the plucked hairs, then you are totally wrong! It can actually produce horrible results. 

Your hair follicles can get loose, leading eyebrow hairs to fall out. You may distort your brow shape, and you will not like it. It can cause a boil, most especially if there’s a wound or improperly plucked hair. It can get infected as well. 

Do the tweezing after bathing. You’ll have loose follicles by that time, so it won’t hurt as badly as if you do it before.


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Sometimes, you might think everything can be done by you on yourself. Probably, yes, but it’s always a different thing if professionals do it for you. Especially if you do not know much about what you are about to do to your eyebrows, seek expert help. 

If you want to change your eyebrows’ form, you can actually get an eyebrow shaping service from brow care salons and shops. If you want to get them cleaned well and make them look on fleek, visit beauty centers, and let beauty enthusiasts aid you in achieving the brow look you desire!

Doing everything on your own is dangerous, especially if you are not used to it and if you are not familiar with the products safe to use of your eyebrows. You can watch YouTube tutorials and read articles on eyebrow care tips, but keep in mind, it’s still an upgraded and safer way to have real eyebrow health professionals helping you and taking care of you too.


Sadly, stress, which is inevitable in life, can also cause brow damage. Just like how it can affect head hair loss, stress can lead to eyebrow hair falling out too. Seek for good and wholesome ways to reduce your stress and worries. Don’t forget to ease off and unwind. Some of these little things may sound cliche for some, but they are necessary. Provide some space and time for yourself. Enjoy and chill. Stress can affect you negatively in all aspects. 



Eyebrows are important. They help protect the eyes from sweat and other debris that can enter them. They should be given attention too because they actually have a huge job although they are not as big in size as other body parts and organs. 

They may seem plain, and others may see them as a “decoration” on the face, but without them, things will definitely be different. Also, if they get harmed, you really won’t like it, so make sure that you love them too as much as you love the rest of your body parts. BrowCo Eyelash Extensions & Eyebrow Shaping, an Australian company that offers eyelash extensions and eyebrow shaping services.