Make Your Spectacles a Statement Pair with These Frames

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Why make the spectacles a boring and dull affair, when you can easily make things happening? Do you have to wear a pair of glasses every day for the rest of your lives? You must make sure that you make a spectacle out of it. You have to ensure that you choose the frames and lens-cuts such that they complement your looks and style. After all, nobody said that you have to wear boring and mundane spectacles.

The following post offers the best ways you can make your spectacles stylish. Read them carefully and follow them. Because life is too short to be spent wearing boring ones!

1 – Choosing the frame:

Always choose a frame that you can wear daily. Too flashy and too boring must be off the charts. Find a frame that speaks classy and stylish without being tacky. Also, remember that you are not going to change the frames every day. So, pick a frame that goes well with all kinds of clothing items as well. For example, you might find a frame with ocean blue colour attractive, but it will not look good with all colored outfits.

The best picks are the solid colours that can stay as is and don’t get faded with time. Also, for ladies, the colours from the family of red, yellow, pink and black are perfect. For men, spectacles from blue, white, black and deep green families are ideal.

You can find a plethora of colours and styles online that you can make yours with using offers on Lenskart.

2 – Choosing the Design:

Choosing a design can get tricky with so many options before you. This is why we suggest checking the frame on your pictures or 3D images online. Websites like Lenskart offer this functionality. We recommend opting for the thin bridge in case your nose is small, and eyebrows are close. It will complement the facial features well. You have a long face with squared jaws; you must opt for rectangular lenses. Minimal frames with just a bridge and temples in black will also look good.

Rest, you can try the options one by one for better results.

3 – Brand Power to the rescue:

Make your daily glasses a high-end permanent accessory with the branded spectacles. You can opt for spectacles from brand names such as Ray-Ban, Oakley, Vogue, Tommy Hilfiger, and Vincent Chase. All these brands offer a huge variety of spectacles that are outstanding in every aspect. And, if you are getting worried over their prices, Lenskart offers code will come to your rescue.

4 – Metallic Shades:

Choosing the toned-down metallic shades for your frames can instantly ‘UP’ their style quotient. You can find many colours, such as silver, steel, copper, gold, and platinum. Always opt for the colours with a subtle matte effect to avoid looking tacky. The metallic shades are also perfect for women as they can easily go well with all kinds of outfits.

5 – Spectacle Chains:

Adding beautiful chains to your spectacles makes it easy to wear them. It also acts as an accessory that you can flaunt. For the middle-aged women, they are the best makeover essential for the spectacles. If you have a forgetful mind, you can wear these chains, and your spectacles will always be near you.

6 – Embellished Frames:

Another fantastic idea to make your spectacles according to the occasion is to opt for embellished frames. However, you have to take care that embellishments should not be tacky. Go for subtle options such as broad temples, colourful temples, temples with metal or crystal embellishments, or personalized touches. You can also opt for screws with the initials of your names.

7 – Home Trials:

If your shopping acumen is not at par to choose an outstanding pair, you can go for the home trials. Many companies offer home trials where a sales executive comes with hundreds of options. You can take help from your friends and family members. You can also stand before your mirror on the wall and ask which one is the prettiest of all.

8 – Intricate Art:

For this one, you have to browse through many collections and might have to even shell-out more money. But, the frames and spectacle bodies with intricate art can instantly transform your looks. Some examples are temples with floral patterns; animal prints and carving details. Embossed accentuations and letter prints are the other options.

Dear spectacle-wearers, the world is full of options. All you need is a little bit of creativity and intent to hunt down the ones that make your routine exciting and outstanding. So, grab a Lenskart offers code and start shopping for the fashion-forward spectacles now!

Happy Shopping!!