5 Easy Ways to Boost Your WiFi

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If the Internet was one of the greatest inventions of the previous century, it has been taken to the next stage through the WiFi technology. The presence of WiFi means that one need not be chained in order to access the Internet. This opens up a world of possibilities, but it can also throw up some first world problems. The common issue affecting many households is the strength of the WiFi signal, which is never really sufficient. This issue has become a major headache, especially at a time when there are a growing number of devices that use WiFi to access the Internet. Here are five excellent ways to improve home WiFi.

Adjust the Router Location

The router is one of the crucial devices that help bring WiFi Internet connectivity to a place. However, many end up making the mistake of positioning the router in the wrong place, and they may not be able to capitalize on the capabilities of the router fully. It’s crucial to position a router in such a way that there is little interference from external elements.

A common interference happens to come from walls within a house. In many places, these walls can be extremely thick, and it may be difficult for the signal to penetrate these structures. In such instances, distant can also become a crucial factor in wreaking havoc for the signal strength. There are cases where the walls are made out of concrete, and it can prevent a substantial drop of WiFi signal strength. This is also true when the WiFi needs to be available in a multi-story building.

It is not just the walls that can interfere with the signal. Even devices like a laptop, TV, refrigerator, microwave, landline phone, or a wireless media center can end up hindering the signal.

Use Additional Support Devices

The best WiFi booster can be a great way to improve signal strength. Since distance is one common issue that prevents WiFi from being effective at home, it is better to work in this area. Every router has a specific signal strength, and it’s not sufficient in most instances. The performance takes a major hit when several corners and walls are involved. A WiFi signal booster can be a huge bonus when trying to make the signal available over a large area. This becomes especially useful in an office property or a big house, where there is a great need for distributing the signal without losing performance.

How does a WiFi booster work? These are devices that are almost similar to a standard router, but their operations are entirely different. They are only meant to rebroadcast the existing signal from a working router. As a result, there is no change in aspects like the IP address since the WiFi extender is basically seen as a device just like a laptop.

However, there are certain intricacies involved in setting up these devices. They need to be close to the main network, as it becomes quite difficult to boost the WiFi signal, which is already weak. The signal that has been boosted may never be equal to the original in terms of quality, but it’s undoubtedly better than a weak signal. When picking up a WiFi booster, care should be taken to ensure that they both operate in the same format. For example, a sky WiFi booster with 802.11n format cannot be made to work with a router operating on 802.11ac.

WiFi Booster Solution? Switch to Modern Technology.

Routers have grown up a lot in the last few years. It’s widespread for older and less tech-savvy users to use the N or G versions still. These are older types of router. The primary disadvantage of these older devices is the lack of support for high-speed data transfer. The AC routers are the latest trend, and even they are on the way out due to the growth in technology. Still, anybody purchasing a new router should not consider anything less than AC format in order to avoid slow and is cumbersome transfer procedures when using WiFi booster Argos.

The data transfer speeds as a result of this product may show an improvement, but it is highly unlikely that there will be an improvement in the range. There is no substantial evidence to point out an increase in range by switching to modern technology. Still, a good router is essential for all transfers.

Upgrade Firmware

The firmware provided with the router plays a vital role. Like every other software, the manufacturer will be modifying, adding, and deleting several aspects of the program. The router may continue to work in the same underwhelming manner as the new guard comes. However, it is better to take these options and ditch the old software in place of the new one. It is also likely that modern routers or range extenders will be able to provide modern conveniences like updates on mobile devices and smartphone apps.

Change Router Frequency, Channels, or Antenna

Every router functions in a specific frequency and channel. It’s highly likely that specific router will be tuned in such a way that it activates a different set of features, but exceptions can be made at all times. Since it’s very common to come across a WiFi connection at home or office space, a big problem in modern society has been traffic monitoring and so. Certain signals can end up overlapping each other, and interferences may be closed.


A relatively new phenomenon in modern society is the huge traffic caused by WiFi signals. This website recommends every user to be aware of the channel switching, which can be understood quite easily. There are many ways to boost your WiFi. It all depends on what exactly is the issue causing your internet speed to be slow. We hope the information presented in the article will help you tackle any connectivity problems you may have. There is not a universal WiFi booster solution, so just pick various pieces of advice and try multiple options.