Most Expensive Bags Of This Season

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A bag is just a bag and it fulfills only one purpose; keeping you things in one place, well that’s not entirely true. A bag is one of those accessories that can make or break your outfit. You can buy a million-dollar dress, but if it’s not accompanied by the right bag, all your money will go down the drain.

If you are looking for top quality and branded bags, you have come to the right place. We have selected the most expensive and stylish bags from the lot.

Our focus will be on big-time bags that have been in the news for their design as well as price tags. We suggest you to start saving if you want to lay your hands on any of these.

Hermes Alligator Constance 18

At $61000, this bag is the most expensive one of all. When it comes to the trendy fashion of 2019, this bag fits the bill perfectly as it’s the right color, material, and size. It is also perfect for casual evenings.

Hermes Matte Alligator Birkin 40

This Iconic Birkin bag may not look like much, but the design and the brand is so popular that its price tag says a whopping $50000. The vibrant color and leather material is what makes it so popular among the consumers.

The Row Margaux Alligator Top Handle Bag

Who doesn’t love leather, it’s the sturdiest and exotic material ever, and when it comes from an alligator the texture is exceptional. The Row Margaux Alligator will cost you $49500 and it’s a great investment if you are into bags.

Moreau Paris Diligence Crocodile Satchel

This picture of elegance and sophistication is around $44000 and it’s totally worth the price tag as it has that wow factor that a show-stopper has.

Gucci Zumi Crocodile Medium Top Handle Bag

Gucci is one brand that can make people fall in love in a heartbeat. Their designs are fresh as well as very trendy. Just like this Gucci Zumi Crocodile bag, cost $36000, a perfect investment nonetheless.

Gucci Sylvie Medium Crocodile Top Handle Bag

If you are looking to save for a perfect bag, this is it. The Gucci Sylvie isn’t the boss for nothing. The style and design of this bag have a lot of women crazy about it. It will cost you around $31000.

Hermes 2018 Lettres au Carre Kelly Sellier 28

The color the design as well as the cut, everything about this bag is in fashion. No wonder it comes with a high tag price of $25000.

Bottega Veneta Soft Crocodile Loop Hobo Bag

Looking for a small Hobo tote, this trendy piece should be in top of your list. It will cost you around $23500.

Alaia Alligator Bucket Bag

Unique styling, alligator skin, and vibrant green color, what else should a cool bag like this have? Save up for this class piece as it will dent your wallet with $21420.

Thom Browne 3-Strap Small Crocodile Leather Bag

This triple strip bag will add a unique touch to your collection and also put a huge dent in your wallet, as big as $19890, but it’s a solid investment nonetheless.

Chanel Alligator Classic Jumbo Double Flap Bag

A vibrant party clutch is all you need to give your boring cocktail dress a flamboyant touch. This little thing will cost you $1800 to be precise.

Chanel Pearl Lego Brick Clutch

Chanel has a way of keeping its consumer satisfied. This $15500, pearl embellished designer bag from Chanel is truly breathtaking.

Stalvey Top-Handle 2.5 Small Alligator Satchel

Small bags are pretty in this season, this makes this Stalvey bag a must-have of 2019, cost only $14000

Hermes Vintage Kelly Sport GM Bag

Vintage is always in fashion, such is this Hermès bag that will cost you $12686.

Oscar de la Renta Mini Alibi Top Handle Box Bag

Oscar de la Renta is the favorite designer of all celebs, buy this mini Alibi and get in the club of the celebs. The price tag says $9990, a decent investment for sure. This box-shaped bag is also very famous as 2019 is the right year for unconventionally designed bags

Givenchy Charm Crystal-Embellished Quilted Leather Shoulder Bag

Glitter is glam and glam is in, buy this quilted shoulder bag for $8390 and add glamour to all your outfits.