Why Plastic Desiccator Cabinets use in Laboratory

In laboratories, you will be required to install a number of important and expensive equipment. These are all critical to the success of the experiments that are conducted there. However, critical components need to be protected. With these critical components becoming smaller each day with more development as well as getting more sophisticated, the susceptibility that they have to getting damaged by moisture will go on to increase more. It is for this reason that you need to use desiccator cabinets. Among the various types of desiccator cabinets that are available, the plastic desiccator cabinets are most useful. This article will help you understand more about the crucial nature of these cabinets in your laboratory.

If the critical equipment in your lab absorbs moisture because of their high sensitivity then they can malfunction and even be ruined. Water will be creating a lot of extremely disastrous and potentially dangerous conditions. The most little and slightest traces of any oxidation is dangerous and oxidation is quite harmful to lab equipment. As a result of moisture exposures, there can be a lot of degradation in the soldering of the various equipment and in various other processes of manufacturing. Because of the simple fact that water will be dissolving the ionic contaminants and hence it will also be altering a particular material’s conductivity. This will consequently go on to degrade the electrical functions that it performs. Water may also go on to combine with the other materials and this may result in creating a harmful chemical reaction which can also go on to degrade the pharmaceutical samples and the various chemical mixtures.

The popcorn effect or damage due to the moisture present in the IC productions: One of the most costly damages that moisture can result in doing is what is referred to as the popcorn issue. It occurs because of exposure of moisture on the IC. It will result in a reflow soldering in the IC packages of lab equipment.

It is safe to understand that most of the different integrated circuits which are used in the plastic encapsulants and hence there is some sort of protection provided. But the soldering can still be damaged and it can render the entire equipment to become nonfunctional. This will result from the deterioration in the electrical functioning of the equipment and can provide wrong results in experiments.

The solution

Since the main problem is in the absorption of the moisture, hence the main problem that can result from it is in a part failure in the machine and equipment. This problem is caused by direct moisture exposure and hence the most useful solution would be dry storage which can solve the issue. It is for this reason that you must use the plastic desiccator cabinets.

Conclusion The plastic desiccator cabinets are extremely crucial for the safety and protection of different lab equipment from moisture-related damages. Hopefully, the information mentioned in this article will have helped you.