People are suffering from different illness in today’s time but do you know what is creating a risk in thousands of life. It is something which we all know but still we don’t know anything about it, and it is a reality. Anxiety is not just a word nowadays. It has been a part of thousands of life. Almost half of the UK population is suffering from anxiety.

The major thing is that people actually not taking it seriously and just ignoring it like a small issue. People don’t want to speak about it openly that they are one of the patients of stress but why? Let’s see:-

  • They are unsure about their illness
  • Don’t want to visit doctor
  • They feel what society will say
  • Have they become mad
  • It can be expensive

There are so many reasons that people feel scared because they are not sure, whether they are actually sick. In fact, one of the major things is that they feel what society will think that their health is not good. Are they facing any mental illness?

It is not true. Visiting psychologist does not mean that you are mentally sick or you are not able to do things from your own. It is just a myth that has been created by us only not by anyone else.

What are the major reasons that people face anxiety?

Do you know that what are the major reasons people are suffering from one of the major issues? Let’s see some of the pointers to give you a clear image:-

  • Stress and a lot of strain
  • Work pressure
  • Family duty load
  • Financial responsibilities
  • Medical bills and repayments

Even though, these are just a few things but there are plenty of reasons as well that can be the reason of anxiety.

For example, if we talk about financial aspect. We all know that handling finances would be tough if someone has sole earning responsibility. Fulfilling own and family’s requirements at the same time can be tricky. Continuous failure to this or sudden events like unemployment can make any individual the victim of anxiety. However, solutions are there like if someone has the very poor credit scores (due to those financial limitations), the lending market offers the very bad credit loans with no guarantor and no broker required.

Though, anxiety is the disorder but can be solved depending on the type and on what stage of it you are, at that time. Remember, just like financial solutions, you can explore proper treatment of it as the solutions.

The type of anxiety

Do you know that there are total 5 types of anxiety, which can found in different people according to their problems and dilemma? You must get a little idea about the names of the disorders, that what exactly they are. Now let’s look at them and know them more deeply.

  • Generalised anxiety disorder

It happens to those people who take stress on little things and get worried on small matter. Thought it is not a major and it can be solved easily with meditation and bit of exercise on daily routine.

  • OCD- obsessive compulsive disorder

It enters in those people’s lives that always think negative in every matter and in fact, sometimes think unnecessary. Even those who get stressed for tiny things and want to do it on time like cleaning, checking and washing. This may need some meditation but also it won’t give a proper treatment until you won’t take medicines. 

  • Post- traumatic stress disorder

It is one of the major disorders, which can actually happen with those people, who see something bad happening from their eyes. Some of the examples, an accident, a high jack and a sudden misshapen with their loved once. In this case, a patient needs to be handling with care and love so that they can come out from the trauma and live happily again.

  • Panic disorder

It happens with those people, who face something bad with them in bits and pieces on daily basis. An individual, who handle something unexpected and one day, they blast in a form of disorder. It needs a proper treatment otherwise the patient can face many things in life.

  • Social phobia or it can be called social anxiety disorder

These people are self- conscious and not sure about their appearance in public. In fact, they get scared sometimes going in front of many people. It can happen with people, who feel weird in eating with other people or to speak anything in front of anyone.

The major issue is that they are lacking of confidence that after an age, it takes a major role of disorder. In fact, in children, if you see any of these things, then start taking action from know before they grow up with the cause.