9 Steps to Decorate Your House on Halloween

Halloween offers you endless opportunities to put your creativity into action. While you can start by choosing the perfect Halloween costume and makeup, accessories and hairstyles, you can even consider doing up your home in keeping with the spirit of this festival. All you have to do is pick up a few creepy decorations and use whatever is available at home to make the house look ready for Halloween.

With Magic Cabin coupons your work becomes much easier. This store is popular for stocking old-fashioned toys and craft items that can help you with your Halloween home décor. Here are some ways to do up your home in the traditional Halloween style:

  1. To start with, you can decorate the outside of your home, like the lawn. Since the exteriors will set the tone for the décor inside, it is important to ensure it is spooky enough. You can have old leaves scattered on the lawn; this is easy to do when you have not raked the garden for a few days during the fall. You can get old boots sticking out of a pile of dry leaves to give the appearance of a dead body. When you have many trees, you can have these covered with creepy spider webs. A scarecrow can add to the décor while some skulls strewn on the ground can be an added bonus.
  2. Like the lawn, you can then do up your front porch in a similar scary fashion. So, you could start by adding some spider webs to the porch, stuffed rats and a black cat silhouette, and a bunch of dead flowers to scare your guests. You may also keep some pumpkins on the porch and carve these into ghoulish designs. A ghost figure suspended from the porch can offer the perfect scare to unsuspecting visitors.
  3. You may then decorate the mantel inside with old books, candles, and vintage accessories. This is a rather inexpensive décor idea and you can simply buy some skeletons and stuffed owl crafts to get the look.
  4. The windows and front door should also be decorated wisely as these will add to the overall ambiance. So, you can place a spooky-looking doormat with pictures of ghosts or spider webs, hand wreaths covered with bats, spatter fake blood on the door, etc.
  5. A spooky staircase is a great way to up the ante; you can create the look with some black paper, fake skulls, and pumpkins. You may even cut shapes of spiders from black paper and stick these on staircase walls.
  6. The furniture needs to look Halloween-ready too; so, you can use some easy tricks to bring the creepy feel inside your home. You may start by covering the chairs and couch with a white cloth that has not been used for years, cover the tables with frayed black cloths, drape bookshelves with spider webs, and place some skulls here and there on drab furniture pieces, etc.
  7. The ceiling is easy to do up with some ghost decorations made from lace scraps and wrapped around foam balls.
  8. The best way to usher in Halloween is by lighting up your home for the perfect eerie feel. The house interior should be dimly lit in keeping with the spirit of intrigue and mystery. You could tape plastic bats inside lamps to make these stick out when lights are on. You could light white candles having fake blood dripping on them. Orange paper lanterns are a big hit for Halloween.
  9. Pumpkin decorations are the most important for Halloween home décor. You can hang pumpkin balloons, and paint scary faces on these. You could take some and paint these pumpkins silver, black or put glitter on them. Pumpkin dishes can be used to serve the food.

These are some easy ways to make sure your home is all set to bring in Halloween guests; for the best deals on decorative items and toys, make sure you visit Don’tPayAll.