Travel Attractions in San Antonio

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San Antonio is an amazing place as if offers a lot to tourists. You can browse different online websites offering trip advisors, guest houses as well as the flight and vacation packages. You can just mention the number of holidays you have and a wonderful package will be described to you. Moreover, you can also find rental apartments for your stay in San Antonio. Here we will discuss the places you should visit during your trip to San Antonio.

1.      The Alamo

The Alamo is a historical place and if you are planning to visit San Antonio, you must add this place to your visit list. This place is famous for the Battle of the Alamo which was played out here. It was the famous historical battle of the United States.

2.      River Walk

It’s one of the most visited places in San Antonio. You can enjoy a stroll, have fun, do the shopping and relish eatables. Hopping the boat and exploring the wonderful walkways will be a great experience. Beautiful area with calm water and beautiful birds around the large trees make for a natural environment.

3.      San Fernando Cathedral

This is a historical building, currently known as Church of Nuestra Senora de la Candelaria y Guadalupe. Its construction started in 1738 and took 15 years to complete. It is an active church where mass is conducted daily in both English and Spanish. You can also visit this place at night as there is an amazing display of lights and sound.

4.      San Antonio Market Square

This three-block market square is a great attraction for tourists. It constitutes more than a hundred stores, restaurants, and stalls. It is also known as the largest Mexican Market. Many Hispanic festivals and events are organized as well as hosted by San Antonio Market Square. You can also buy cheap souvenirs and also relish Mexican eatables.

5.      Natural Bridge Caverns

This place was recently discovered by the students from St. Mary’s University. The students eventually discovered the underground formations, flowstones, and stalagmites. You can visit this place depending upon your interest, walking ability (the area underneath 6 ft) and if you are comfortable with the caves. The tourist having adventurous nature can visit the less developed areas with no commercial lighting.

6.      Botanical Garden

If you are interested in nature, it’s a perfect place to spend your day. There are beautiful gardens around such as WaterSaver and Rose garden. You can explore 250 garden plant species. There are more than 228 birds in this garden. You must visit the website of the garden and explore the bloom. Moreover, don’t forget to print out the bird checklist if you want to visualize all the beautiful birds’ species in this botanical garden.

7.      Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch

If you love animals and also have an interest in Safari, this place is all that you need. This place is home to about 500 animals freely roaming whereas humans are caged in cars. You can offer food to the animals including zebras, giraffe, kudu, ostriches. Such food will be provided to you in the car.


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