Few Myths About Rakhi Celebrations you must know

Few Myths About Rakhi Celebration That Will Amaze Everyone

Raksha Bandhan is best known as one of the ancient festivals in India that is solely dedicated to the sweet relation between siblings. This annual event is mainly reputed for creating a platform for siblings to get closer to each other that was not possible through any other way. It is usually marked with female siblings attaching an eye-catching sacred thread near the wrist of their cutely adorable blood brother who, in return, presents with valuable- gift items in addition to promising to safeguard under all conditions till death. A professionally personalized gift for this annual occasion is damn ideal for making the everyday life of your beautiful female siblings seamlessly simple that you have always wanted. Are you interested in knowing more about the myths associated with the rakhi celebration? If yes, then this article will assist you a lot;

Myths About Lord Indra And Sachi:

As per the data available in Puran king of heaven, Lord Indra sought his guru Brihaspati’s assistance to save his kingdom from falling into the hands of demon Bruta. He was advised by Brihaspati to a secret tied on his hands by his better half Sachi. The Gods won the battle very easily as the lord’s wife tied a sacred thread on his hands. This thread was given to her by Lord Vishnu. Many ladies do not have enough time to visit a raki store in their area due to a busy schedule or some other reason. If you are facing any such issue, then the best option for you would be to book your order with a well-known rakhi website that can arrange forRakhi online delivery on the same day without any extra charges. This is not always possible while making your purchase with a physical raki store that often has very limited stock to choose from that too of especially low quality, with the prices always touching new heights.

Goddess Laxmi And King Bali:

According to a popular belief, King Bali was very liberal by nature and was a great devotee of Lord Vishnu. To please his most preferred God, the king performed a major sacrifice that pleased Lord Vishnu to agree to love with him at his kingdom to ensure his safety. When the goddess Lakshmi heard about this incident, she approached Bali dressed as a poor woman and insisted on staying at his kingdom until her husband returned. On the occasion of the full moon of the Shravan month, she tied a sacred thread close to the wrist of the ruler and requested him to bring his husband back to her. He apprehended her pain in the right manner and allowed Lord Vishnu to return to Vaikunth. Many professionally run internet-based businesses involved in this field specialize in offering premium quality sacred thread at a price that you can afford to pay at a single go.

Draupadi And Krishna:

As per the Indian mythology, the little finger of Lord Krishna received a cut while killing Sisupala. On seeing this Draupadi, the wife of five Pandava brothers tore a piece of cloth from her outfit and tied it to the bleeding finger. From then, onwards Shri Krishna looked upon her as his sister and took an oath to take care of her under all kinds of adverse conditions. Most of the people mistakenly know that he protected Draupadi from disgrace and dishonor when Pandavas lost her to Kauravas during the game of Chaucer. In actuality, the Supreme God protected her honor through the medium of Shri Krishna. Are you tired of running from one rakhi store to another in search of a perfect sacred thread for your male sibling? If yes, then it’s better to find an online Rakhi store and pick your favorite and send it to your brother.

Lord Yama And Goddess Yamuna:

]Another myth states that once Goddess Yamuna was especially said as her brother Lord Yama did not visit her place for the last 12 years. She consults Ganga in this regard, who, in return, approaches the lord of death and reminds him of his sister. Yama finally visits his place. Overexcited on the news of her brother’s visit after so many years, Yamuna prepares a wide range of delicious food for him. Delighted over a warm reception from his sister, the death God asked for a return present & you can send rakhi to bangalore. The Yamuna wishes for the soon return of her brother so that she can see him at his place again.

To conclude, it can be stated that today the Rakhi festival is celebrated beyond its traditional customs. Today sacred threads are tied by not only sisters but also brothers tie rakis on the wrist of their sisters.