Custom Retail Packaging 101: How to Design Packaging in 2020?

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The retail packaging boxes are often underestimated in the effect of purchasing decisions. However, people think that their purchasing decision comes about by rational decision-making, whereas there is also an emotional component. If someone is asked why they use a specific product, the most probably answer that they will give is due to its good value. Nevertheless, this answer isn’t always referred to as the product’s price. Value is more of a subjective concept.

In 2013, a study was conducted in Psychology and Marketing. This study measured brain activities as the subject came across different packaging. The results revealed that the human brain showed a strong activity when it came across attractive packaging compared to plain packaging. This study concluded that packaging helps to develop that ever-important perception of “Value.”

In the world of sales, branding and packaging are only two different sides of the same coin. It acts as an avenue on the aisle to cap off your interaction with the consumers.

If you are still stuck with brown cardboard plain packaging in the year 2020, you are missing out on an immense opportunity to expose your brand. Not giving your product a serious packaging consideration is like writing an outstanding story, but missing out with a satisfying ending. Such neglect could leave your clients with an unsatisfying feeling and saying, “Is that it?” A premium packaging has the potential to create a long-term connection and brand loyalty among your consumers.

design retail packaging boxes
retail packaging boxes

How to design retail packaging boxes?

So, now that we have discussed the importance of customized retail packaging boxes let’s move on to what you need to include in your custom design.

Tell your brand’s story.

The packaging is an essential part of telling your brand’s story. You need a packaging that tells your clients who you are in a visual format that is easy to absorb. Success often comes by offering something new and different from giant e-commerce stores.

Before starting with the design, you need to think about what is the unique thing about your product or brand. What value your product creates for your potential consumers. Once you know the answer, it will be a lot easier for you to design your packaging. Going for a little generic design won’t allow you to have full branding benefits of the packaging.

Stay Consistent

In any kind of marketing strategy, being consistent with your anecdote is the path to success. A packaging that doesn’t sync with the rest of your branding will look like a lost flok. When your customer holds your packaging, they should understand what you stand for. However, this is a lot easier for brands that have just started. They can launch multiple products at once, and assure customers that it’s all connected to one brand. For the pre-existing companies, making an effecting packaging can be a little difficult or sometimes time-consuming.

right colors
retail packaging boxes

Go for the right colors

There much more consideration on how packaging should look. Colour has a lot of symbolism more than we realize. When you know that about 70-80% of consumers make their decisions based on colour, it becomes imperative to know what shades make significant differences. However, colour psychology is not an accurate science. People’s personal experiences affect a lot as compare to what branding experts offer. Anyhow, here are some of the basic guidelines on colour decision making.

  • Red: is the colour of making a statement of passion, energy, and enthusiasm. Still, too much red can be overwhelming. 
  • Green: Impose the feeling of life, health, and optimism, proves very symbolic when used for motifs and logos.
  • White: Give a minimalistic look. But it also has a risk of looking a bit like Apple-Esque. Try combining it with accent colours and show a bit of character.
  • Black: Black is timeless as well as sophisticated, and depicts a feel of premium and high-end quality. Consider breaking it up with lighter tones.
  • Blue: Indicated safety and steadiness. Nearly every brand wants to communicate this with their clients. However, it can sometimes become too generic and unobjectionable. This isn’t the colour if you want to stand out.
  • Yellow: Able to give your brand warmth and character. Several combinations of it can attain different objectives. However, the use of its shade matters a lot. A little bit darker shade can drift towards untidiness. A little brighter one can provoke a feeling of freshness.
right material
retail packaging boxes

Pick the right material.

The use of material for your packaging usually comes down to a blend of following considerations.

  • Functionality: Many brands design packaging in a functional way while maintaining their aesthetics. Packaging material plays its role here. It needs to fulfill its purpose while preserving the brand’s identity. For instance, wrapping fragile products in a paper might look attractive, but it will be of no use if your client received the product damaged.
  • Cost-effectiveness: This, of course, is the least exciting consideration, but matters equally at the same time. If you are an exporter and shipping your products in a retail packaging wholesale, then the use of heavy material might cost you a lot. You need to sort out several factors, such as: how much time does it take to source your material? Is it a reliable source? Is it perfect for your design?      
  • Sustainability: Today, consumers care more than ever about the impact of material on the environment. According to a study, every third person tends to choose a brand whose material is eco-friendly. 

If you feel that your current packaging design is unable to achieve all of the above things, consider redesigning your packaging for the sake of branding and marketing.