Top 8 things not to do during concerts:

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The very fact of living in society obliges us to follow a few rules of good conduct and concerts are no exception to the rule. Here are some tips to avoid attracting the wrath of other spectators.

Oscar Wilde said, “Some people cause happiness wherever they go, others when they go “. This quote can be applied to all kinds of situations and concerts are one of them. There is nothing worse than being next to annoying people when you thought you could have a great night out and see your favorite band at concerts near me. In addition, if we unfortunately cannot do anything to change the attitude of others, we can at least avoid spoiling the evening and hope that karma will protect us in turn at concerts.

8 – Speaking / Singing too loud at concerts

We do not advise you to be completely silent at concerts, of course, but simply to allow all spectators to enjoy the concerts. Chatting with your friends before the music starts or between songs is one thing, but no one wants to experience your whole love life as they try to listen to their favorite songs by their favorite band in concerts. If you have come just to hang out with friends then head to the back of the room, where you can hear each other better and do not disturb anyone. Even the bar if the group does not interest you that much.

Another similar case, singing too loudly at concerts. Not everyone gets the chance to sing right, but keep in mind that the people around you have paid to listen to the singer, not to listen to you. Again, it is not about preventing yourself from enjoying the music to the fullest but simply respecting your neighbors by singing without yelling the words into their ears. Anyone who, instead of being able to listen to the band, had the right to the yogurt and false note version of his or her neighbor to the left will understand very well the hell that this is.

7 – Using your phone at concerts

No, it is not yet a question of photos but of the phone and its many applications. Like chats, it’s perfectly normal to want to check your emails, texts, Facebook, Twitter and more before the music starts playing but once the lights go out it’s time for you to put it away, preferably there. Where a malicious person cannot steal it from you. The glow from your smartphone will not only distract you from what is happening on stage but will also be a source of light pollution, which, although minimal in your eyes, will irritate your neighbor.

In a pinch, if you are really expecting an important message, put your device on vibrate to make sure you do not miss it. Anyway, whether they are concert halls or festivals, the network is usually so bad that you will only waste your battery when, who knows, you might need to make a call after you go out. Come on, we promise, you will enjoy the evening much better by being disconnected.

6 – Take (too many) photos

Photos are not prohibited in concert but again, it is simply a question of respecting your neighbors. Having a screen under your nose for half the concert is not very pleasant for you or for others. So take some pictures and videos if you want, after all everyone likes to have memories even if the quality is not the best possible, but don’t spend your time on that either! Open your eyes and ears wide and enjoy the concert. Memories are not just on your computer but also mostly in your head and who knows what you might miss while your eyes are fixed on your device. The flash is obviously to be banned at the risk of blinding the group and your neighbors and the result will not be good anyway. Please also avoid selfies,

5 – Request a song

Before each concert, the artists take the time to carefully prepare a set list, i.e. the list of songs that they will perform the same evening. In addition, even though some people play the same thing every night that does not give you the right to shout out a song title during the whole show. It will be of no use whatsoever and will annoy the people around you as much as the group itself. Obviously, we all have a favorite song that we would love to be able to hear live but unless the musicians are just asking the audience what songs they would like to hear, you will have blown yourselves for nothing. So do not be the base heavy that asks Wonder-wallet the concert of one of the Gallagher. If a song is important to you, why not try to cross paths with the band before the concert and ask them a favor nicely. Then they might have time to repeat it and who knows, you might have a nice surprise a few hours later?

4 – Push to get closer to the stage

We do not all have the possibility, or even the desire, to queue to be as close as possible to the stage when the placement is free. This does not prevent the people leaning on the barrier sometimes spent very long hours in front of the room to be as close as possible to the artists and will therefore not be fooled if a last minute arrival tries to steal their place. However, if you absolutely want to get closer to the front rows, you can try to make your way between the other spectators but do not forget to apologize and even give a smile to those you pass by. After all, you are going to be sharing an incredible moment with several hundred or even thousands of people in a few moments; you might as well stay on good terms with them and avoid arguments during the concert. In addition, it is often enough to wait for a song to make the pit dance and take advantage of the ambient joy to slip more easily into the first rows.

3 – Not paying attention to your drink

We are told enough, “alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health”. However, poorly controlling your glass can also be dangerous for life in society. If during a concert you often want a drink, remember to pay attention to your movements if you bring it back to your seat or in the pit. Nobody wants to feel beer run down their back or even get it on their hair (it may be good for the hair but end up with a mass of stuck hair, no thanks). The group does not want to receive liquids on stage either, especially as it can be very bad for the instruments. Do not worry; if they are thirsty, they have their own beers, no need to send them yours. Some rooms forbid food but if you were able to enter with your sandwich, avoid the very strong cheese, which will smell the 30 people around you. Well after all, if your stomach can handle this when it is about to jump all over the place, good for you.

2 – Comment on the show live concerts

This goes hand in hand with being silent during the concert but worse than hearing Samantha’s sexual exploits, is hearing this Samantha commenting and criticizing the concert you are attending. Telling your friends that one of the band members winked at you or just made a spectacular face is one thing, but avoid detailing the concert like a sports commentator. If generally we only go to see the bands that we like in concert, there will always be someone to remind us “it was better before “and that, anyway, the band did not do anything good after their third album. Obviously, you have the right to think about it all and discuss it with your friends but again, do it after the Likewise, during a festival, you will discover bands that you really will not like, but you still do not need to make the people around you understand it. After all, you have to. Something for everyone and you would not like to hear the person right in front of you criticize a band you love right next to you.

1 – React quickly

Even if humans are made to live in society, they sometimes have difficulty supporting their peers. The key to having a good gig is not ruining someone else’s night and being able to stay calm. The person who just stepped on you probably did not do it on purpose, and it is perfectly okay to push yourself in the middle of the pit. If you prefer to be quiet, move further away from the stage to fully enjoy the moment. Likewise, people taller than you have just as much a right to be there and do not have to give up their place. However, there are still exceptions; if someone suspicious sticks together and rubs a little too much on you, do not do not hesitate to make a remark loud enough for the other spectators to hear you. Because if the majority of the public is made up of completely normal people, there exclusively for the music, the perverts that one has the bad luck to cross in the subway for example, are sometimes also in the game.

Anyway, there are only others to make these kind of big mistakes you; you are obviously a perfect spectator.