Anime was a mistake

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5 myths about anime

Children watching anime

Unfortunately, many people underestimate Japanese animation and consider it too childish and even stupid due to the Japanese fan service and local chips of the land of the rising sun. Of course, many anime series are designed for children, both very young and schoolchildren.

However, there are also such genres of anime and manga as seined and josei; they are designed for men and women over 18 years old. And there are such anime in bulk, they just are not very popular, because they touch on much more pressing; vital problems than fighting the titans or trying to have sex with a sister.

Anime is easy to create

Yes, reader, this may seem stupid to you, but many people seriously consider drawing in anime simplistic and even inferior to Western films. Someone says that anime is ordinary meaningless cartoons and other things that would make anyone have something on the lower back on fire.

I don’t want to cheat and point out the obvious advantages of anime, I will just say that in Japanese cartoons the authors have an extremely difficult task ; Not only to reveal the characters of the characters, to accurately convey all their emotions; but also to erase the line between the viewer and what is happening on the screen.

Everything is different in American cartoons – the emphasis is on the transmission of movements. The Japanese are more emotional people, hence the peculiarities of creation…

anime was a mistake
anime was a mistake

Anime was a mistake

A famous person believes that anime was a mistake … This is not so, a Japanese director once gave an interview in which he expressed his disappointment that a small part of modern directors creates anime based on personal experience.

Indeed, in the anime, you can bring not only fiction but also your own life experience, a piece of your soul; if a screenwriter or a mandala spent his whole life within four walls, then from under his pen; most likely, some kind of slag or another harem will come out.; So after Miyazaki’s interview; some Internet troll uploaded the same screenshot with the caption that the anime on social networks and the Internet.

Anime kills.

There is nothing to say here, although there is a lot to say, all this has already been discussed thousands of times. If you are not an idiot, then you understand that anime, of course, can affect your state of mind, but push you to commit suicide…

Both an anime guy and any other person can be sawed, the point is not in adherence to any subculture, but in the person himself … Society loves to hang labels and make hasty conclusions.

There is enough obscurantism in our country, so do not be surprised if someday the situation repeats itself and the crazy TV people raise hysteria around the harm of anime and the negative influence of Japanese animation on the child’s fragile psyche …


Every anime fan is obliged to watch Evangel ion and understand its ending. You will go crazy if you understand the ending of Evangel ion. I, as a person who survived this anime, can say with confidence: well, anime is for an amateur, an extremely depressed and patient amateur.

The anime is protracted, very ambiguous, that is, if after looking at it once, it seemed to me that; I knew the essence of the universe and could not sleep for a very long time, then a little later; after reviewing it, I thought about it, and not the plot frankly weak character of the most disgusting the main characters in the entire history of anime; be careful under the wrapper of an underground art house anime, there may be a dummy.

Mistakes in Japanese anime or anime was a mistake!

As an important platform to promote the culture of the country; many Japanese animations will have content related to Japanese society and traditional culture. Although Japanese culture is not clear to every animation supervisor, plus the lazy people who collect the data; and some fantasies in the script itself. There will be many plots that are not in line with reality; and some even gradually evolve into the basic settings of animation.

Most animations are set in the middle school student group, a serious college. There are serious student organizations in the college, like a small society. The roles of the president of the student council and the commissioner of discipline lead one party. Although normal people know that this is impossible; they will sincerely feel that Japanese middle school students are capable of self-reliance. However, my country’s modern education system is largely based on Japan. As the three most difficult countries in the world for secondary education; China, Japan, and South Korea, it is already a hard time to manage their studies. There is no such thing as spare time to be serious student representatives.