UAE Residents are doing more Online Shopping Now Than During Lockdown

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Almost one-third of UAE Residents are Shopping more Online Now Than During Lockdown

Online Shopping
Online Shopping

UAE is slowly recovering from the lockdown. People and businesses are free to continue their routine, but with a little restriction. The UAE residents adapted many new behaviors during this lockdown and continued with those trends even after the economy opened. One best example of this is the online shopping of health products and beauty products and it’s buying behaviors.

The Behavior of the UAE During and After Lockdown

According to a study, 60% of online purchasers in the UAE spent more on essential items during the lockdown. This study focused on the behavior during the curfew. The residents relied on online purchases for their daily needs. Since the option of going to a store was off of the scene, many users took online shopping experience for the first time. After the curfew, 57% of the customers are preferring to buy essentials online. 34% of customers prefer online shopping for essentials other than groceries. They opt for in-store purchases for groceries. 16% of the respondents moved back to in-store shopping.

Reasons for this New Buying Behavior

The rise of online shopping in the UAE is not new, but a large chunk of the population preferring online shopping for essentials creates a stir. Many local stores are swiftly moving to the online platform to retain their customers. Why is there an increase in online shopping even after the lockdown relaxations?

The Entry of a New Generation

The online shopping trends in the UAE shows the entry of Generation X into the online platform. Until now, the websites were a platform for the younger generation to buy electronics and entertainment items. Due to the pandemic, Generation X ventured into the online platform for buying daily needs. Millennials and Generation Y started to show more importance to online shopping. Soon, the free home delivery, instant delivery, information-rich platform, ease of use, and other advantages of the online buying experience attracted a new generation into the game. The stores also adapted to these online shopping trends in the UAE to offer customized services.

Health Consciousness

Online Shopping
Online Shopping

The number of cases and the death rate in the UAE is lower than most major nations. However, the locals started to fear for the worst. The general culture of UAE demands many social gatherings and parties. Locals join together to enjoy tea or for a picnic very often. Since the COVID-induced health fear is rising, people are restricting themselves to their homes. A visit to a store would involve getting in close quarters with other people, touching products from the shelves, exchanging bank cards or cash, etc. Thus, people prefer to stay indoors, leading to a rise of online shopping patterns.

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Less Time Consuming

Online Shopping
Online Shopping

Shops and malls in the UAE are in a structure to motivate entertainment while shopping. Every aspect of the mall allows you to spend more time inside. People find it more time consuming to visit a store, walk through the tens of aisles, and stand for a couple of minutes at the counter. The crowd in the malls is also increasing as people have only a limited window for shopping. In the past, this time consumption was not a significant factor. However, now, people wish to restrict their outdoor exposure and find in-store shopping more time-consuming. Thus, people are preferring home online shopping in the UAE.

Kids Factor

Many governments in the UAE are recommending parents to avoid bringing kids to public places. It is impossible to maintain a high hygiene level with a toddler running around the mall, picking up goodies, or throwing a tantrum to eat while out. Thus, parents are choosing home online shopping of baby products as an alternative option. 


Since there are numerous products for sale in the online platform, people find it easier to filter and surf their choice products with ease. This convenience is the main reason why many new online shoppers prefer to stick with internet platforms. The rise of online shopping behavior is more likely because new users find it more accessible, convenient, and time-efficient.

More Players

When the lockdown started, a few online retailers were covering the market. The remaining players did not want to become obsolete and started their online platforms. Thus, now the residents have well-structured online platforms of various players. Such an availability due to the rise of online shopping allows users to compare the product’s price, offers, quality, features, and others. It becomes easier to make an informed decision.

Cost Factors

Online Shopping
Online Shopping

UAE residents are known for their luxury preferences. However, the recent economic downfall due to Coronavirus has put everyone on the money-minded consciousness. People prefer to cut short unessential, and luxury purchases and focus only on essentials. It is much easier to stick with a budget with affordable online sites for shopping. You can alter the cart to fit your budget, look for better options, compare prices, and save on transportation costs.

Increased Requirements

While the entire nation is under lockdown, the online schooling and hygiene factors are demanding new requirements. People are spending more on masks, hand-sanitizers, work-from-home equipment, cleaning equipment, and more. For instance, people do not prefer to consume water from an office machine and prefer to buy bottled waters in bulk for daily office use. Such new trends are making it harder to shop in-store. Thus, affordable online shopping UAE sites are getting more traction.

The rise of shopping online statistics shows that 54% of the respondents bought entertainment items to keep them occupied during the lockdown. Although the economy opened, schools and colleges are in the lock. Many workers are currently under a different shift-based work schedule, allowing them to spend more time at home. Thus, there is still a need for entertainment items.

Personal Distancing Factor

Beyond the hygiene factor, personal distancing is also easier to maintain by choosing online outlet shopping UAE stores. The customers pay online, and the goods get delivered by the crew that maintains hygiene with masks and gloves. Thus, people prefer and recommend shopping online for others.


The rise of online shopping statistics shows that the new government restrictions for in-store shopping regarding masks and social distancing drive people to online stores. If it takes two hours to shop, it is two hours of a mask and social distancing. There is also a restriction on the number of people allowed inside a mall. These restrictions are not sitting well with the locals.

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