7 Tools to Embed an Instagram Widget on a Website

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In the modern digital world, social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. have completely changed the way brands connect with their customers. Now the communication between user & brand is more sort of direct and personal. One of the best social media networks, Instagram is said to be the goldmine of user-generated content for brands. And if you own a website then Instagram is the best platform for you to aggregate content & display it on your site in the most creative way i.e Widget. Here are 7 ways described to Embed an Instagram Widget on a website.

Yes, you read it right!

Embedding a social media widget like an Instagram widget on a website is the best way to build a massive online presence by displaying user-generated content.

Especially for many big & small brands, this social media marketing tactic is the need of the hour.

By embedding an Instagram widget on a website you can boost brand engagement, healthy user-brand interaction, easy promotions, increase conversions & sales, etc.

This is why numerous social media aggregator tools have come into action to help brands embed an Instagram widget on a website in the most creative & engaging way.

Incredible Tools to Embed an Instagram Widget on a Website

1. Embed an Instagram Widget using Taggbox Widget

Taggbox Widget helps in collecting, curating & embedding social media feeds into a single real-time feed on the website, over digital screens, or other marketing channels.

If you want to add the Instagram widget on a website, then you can easily do it with the help of Taggbox.

It offers a variety of features such as customization, filter & moderation of content, real-time instant updates, custom CSS, insightful analytics, and more to make the Instagram widget on the website look attractive, responsive & engaging.

2. Embed an Instagram Widget using Tagembed

Another budget-friendly social media aggregator that helps in embedding the Instagram widget on a website is ‘Tagembed’.

With this tool, brands can collect, curate & embed social media feeds like Instagram in real-time; (via hashtags, mentions, etc.) on any website building platform like Shopify, Wix & more.

Perfect for small businesses, Tagemed offers a variety of features to brands like;

  • Customization to help you apply favorite themes, layout, style, size, color, or a banner on feeds.
  • Moderation to filter out unwanted & irrelevant content.
  • Analytics to help you monitor the performance of your embedded Instagram widget or any other social media widget.

So what are you waiting for? Start with the basic plan that is for free & get one feed updated every 24 hours. You can upgrade the plan to update more than one feed at a time.

Apart from that, there’s no need for technical knowledge to generate and embed the code on your website.

3. Embed an Instagram Widget usnig Lightweight

One of the most responsive widgets for Instagram, “LightWidget” helps you embed the Instagram widget on a website; blogs, online stores as well as other places too.     

Not only this but this tool allows you to create various types of widgets with multiple customization options like captions adding, padding, square crops, hashtag filtering, etc.

Each widget can embed just by copying a code for the app & pasting it on your website.

Also, the widget size can be adjusted as per the size of your screen & if your website supports iframes then you can easily install an Instagram widget on your web page with this tool.

4. Embed an Instagram Widget using Snapwidget

A highly customizable & easy to set up tool- Snapwidget allows you to embed Instagram feed in a grid; slideshow, or a photo map manner for free.

It provides the user with an HTML code to upload the feed to the website along with showcasing a live Instagram gallery.

5. Instagram Official Embedding

Apart from social media aggregator & widget plugins, Instagram itself offers the functionality to embed the Instagram feed on any website building platforms like Shopify, Wix, Weebly, etc. 

As this plugin owned by Instagram, more users show trust in it to streamline photos towards a website.

6. Embed an Instagram Widget using Instush

Lastly, this responsive Instagram widget helps in embedding attractive Instagram galleries on the website with easy customization like 14 types of Instagram gallery designs, and more.

You can select pictures from particular Instagram accounts, your liked pictures hashtags, etc. and then create wallpaper that can be blogs, online stores, etc. other than websites.

So, get ready to leave your audience awestruck with Instush’s Instagram Widget.

7. The Instagram feed WD

Equipped with fully customizable themes and social sharing buttons- the Instagram feed; WD offers the integration of Instagram feeds via hashtags on their website as well as WordPress.

Also, this SEO-friendly widget plugin offers a diverse range of beautiful layouts and also allows filtration based on usernames; hashtags, or Instagram media links.


Leverage any of the aforementioned Instagram widget tools as per your business needs & budget.