Tiny Tattoo Designs Growing Increasingly Popular Among Females

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It might be a common notion that tiny tattoo designs are only for those who fear pain and the discomfort of getting tattooed. However, it is the complete opposite. It is a commitment that one follows by getting covered in ink and this idea does not float everyone’s boat.

The miniature tattoos contribute as empowering elements in one’s life. They can be quite creative and humorous as well, often at times presenting a narrative that is far bigger than the tattoo itself.

The tattooing industry

The tattooing industry has been growing at an efficient rate in these current times which results in tattoos being portrayed in different aspects of our lives such as T-shirts, pins, and socks. They are a new age aesthetic, an element that screams nonconformity. This emphasizes on the fact that our social views on tattooing are shifting, cultures and societies are coming to peace with the idea of inking and getting inked.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to what the individual wants. It might not be a large piece but may a minimalistic design, some might even opt for complete bodysuits. However, the notion that a tattoo has to be big in size to hold meaning is biased. According to Tattoo Design Inc. and other sources, all forms of artwork on your body holds a meaning, irrespective of its size and shape.

That being said, here are a few tiny tattoo examples that are common among females. In case you are a woman of culture and wish to get inked, but don’t know where to start from; this content will guide you through.

Tiny Hand Poked Tattoos

You might have heard about hand-poked tattoos. They are non-electric tattoos that are tapped into the skin. The gradual process is covered with each poke as the ink is interested in the dermis. The technique is considered to be traditional and raw, which was used during ancient times as well.

The venture began with tribal tattoos that were inked onto the skin with tools such as bones, plant spins (mainly cactus), and other nature-based elements. It’s not only fascinating to witness modern artists to follow archaic practices but exhibits a profound form of human expression.

However, the method is commonly used to display patterns and geometric designs that consist of lines and shapes. It is rare to witness quotations and verses being written with this method. Although, in some cultures, the method is used to ink chants that are karmic.

Minimalism for Women Wishing To Get Inked

Tiny Tattoo Designs good
Tiny Tattoo Designs

As a female who wanted to get tattooed, it was not easy for me to decide as to what I wanted on my body. Something that I would remain consistent and content with for as long as I live. Tiny tattoo designs embody different styles and narratives. Some women choose to get intricate and detailed tiny tattoo designs while others go for simple line works. But you must know that it is very much possible to add details in a small tattoo as well. For as long as the artist is experienced and skilled, you should not have a hard time with adding minute details into your tattoo.

While we are at it, can we consider the fact of how amazing small tattoos look between the blank spaces of larger designs. Not only do they complement these spaces but offer a new meaning to the different themes that each tattoo design exhibits in that area.


You have plenty to choose from. Whether you go for a nature-Esque tattoo design that has ferns and flowers on it or a tiny cat; you can guarantee that it would look outstanding. One thing that you must ensure before you get your tattoo is to opt for a skilled artist and be comfortable with whatever element it is that you have chosen to get on your skin. Tiny tattoos require accuracy; a small wrong gesture can change the entire look of the tattoo. And there is no way to cover it up either, as that would only change the whole idea and size of the tattoo.

Someone who is versed in creating small tattoos will face no hindrances at all. They are going to be easily able to use thin lines and add minor details into the miniature tattoo. Do your homework before you approach your artist and tattooing procedure.

Should You Finally Get a New Tiny Tattoo?

Whatever your driving force might be that inspired you to get a tattoo, rest assured your tiny tattoo can easily be laden with delicate and intricate details. It has been noticed that simplistic designs impact differently. Not only do they remove unnecessary details but have a focal point of the tattoo. In contrast to that, smaller tattoos that are detailed are mesmerizing too.

If you find yourself questioning whether you should get a small tattoo or not, then you must know that getting a small tattoo is a good start to gauge your future experiences with tattooing. The act also allows the individual to be comfortable with the permanence of an image on their skin, that they will have to carry for the rest of their life.

Getting a small tattoo

Getting a small tattoo can help you form milestones based on your pain threshold. It will be a good way to step into the unfamiliar and familiarize yourself with an entirely new concept. In addition to that, tiny tattoos are also good for professionals who choose to keep their tattoos private and personal. However, the views on tattoos are beginning to soften up; there are still those who carry strong judgments for tattoos. If you wish to not incur judgments but still use your body canvas for imagery; then small tattoos might be a good idea. Regardless of aesthetics that are offered by tattoos, no matter what you add to your Tiny tattoo designs; you can ensure that you will look amazing with it.