Five Reasons to buy a watch

A computing device that looks like the wrist watch attached with bands to wear on wrist. Modern smart watches provide touchscreen which enable user to communicate with the computer.

Smart watches contain apps just like the smart phone apps for example to show weather, apps to show stock prices, to show directions and maps. You can make a phone call using your smart watch and can also be used to send and receive text messages. Watch show you all of your notification while your phone is inside the pocket. Smart watch have several other functions which make you buy watch like it can track your health in several ways, it tracks your sleep cycle and helps you in your workout. Smart watches are among more recent development in the technology world. So if you want to be a modern person you should buy watch according to your personality.


Why you should buy watch?

Some people are not ready yet to buy smart watch and its difficult to convince them. People think there is no need to have one computer on your wrist while you already have one in your pocket. We can persuade them to buy watch by telling benefits that can only be provided by the watch or additional benefits a watch provide over smart phone. There are several reasons to buy watch instead of not buying. Let’s discuss some benefits of smartwatch:


Receiving notifications of your phone without pulling your phone outside. Its easy to have a glance on your wrist instead of pulling out your phone after every notification. It can be rude to check phone when you’re out with friends watch can help you in this case. All other notifications of your phone also appear on your watch face like calender reminders and office meetings.

By watch you can save time which you spend to check notifications again and again. And you may have less fear that you will miss something important. 

Navigation and travel:

You can know your current location and complete guide about the map and get directions from it. Like if you’re in a new city then your watch will tell you step by step. And about all turns you need to take to reach at the destination. It tracks your GPS location which can be very helpful by pulling up map. And telling you about locations just like your smart phone.

Health awareness and Advance monitoring

Smartwatch track your health and wellness. This is more than just counting your steps on daily basis. It records others data like sleep time, your jogging distance, if you like to swim it will tell you distance you covered. Smartwatch is used to check your heart rate and pulse. Some watches with advance monitoring can also track your ECG (Electrocardiogram). If you are a heart patient you can have check and balance on your heart health by advance monitoring and sharing that data with your doctor.

Some watches can track your menstrual cycle that when will your next period will come and go. 

Music and phone call

You can take your call with the help of a smartwatch without pulling out your phone. But you will need some wireless piece of headset to listen call. You can run music from your smartwatch and you can control the music by watch after running it from your smartphone. You can run apps like Siri and Google assistant. But you have to pull out phone to further proceed because you need to press button on your smart phone.

Customization and saving your smart phone battery

You can customize your smartwatch in the way you want like you can change the watch face and clock design. You can adjust apps in the pattern you like. Smartwatch helps you to save the battery life of your mobile phone because there is no need to pull out a smartphone. After every notification, because you can see a notification on your watch face. Smartwatches have a good battery life which can last several days.