5 Kitchen Renovation Ideas Using Natural Granite Stone

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With the COVID-19 pandemic leaving us confined to our homes for the past few months, it is no wonder that more and more people are considering renovating their spaces. This year creativity, design, and inspiration have somewhat come alive. You can find some of that inspiration from businesses providing kitchen and bathroom renovations in Canberra, or visit Pinterest and Instagram for even more inspirational imagery about kitchen renovations.

The only question is, where do you begin implementing design changes in your kitchen? Everyone loves gathering around the kitchen because this is the space that brings loved ones together more often than not. So, designing the perfect kitchen goes beyond its functionality. It should be about creating a bold statement, and using natural granite stone could help you add a personal touch.

Why Natural Granite Stone?

This naturally occurring stone comes in different colors and color combinations, which gives you many options. Because the design of the stone is all-natural, it will suit kitchen-use.

Natural granite stone is also available in a range of light and dark colors with lovely flecks and variations. It is suitable for the kitchen because it can be cut according to your variety of edge choices, including beveled, square, ogee, and a half and full bullnose.

Countertops made with granite need little maintenance, which makes it easy to take care of. However, it would be best if you only cleaned granite countertops with little soap and water. Avoid using harsh cleaning products.

Another advantage of using granite in your kitchen is that they are heat-resistant. This means that you hesitantly take your pot directly from the oven and place it directly on the counter. However, it will dull your knives if you cut directly on the granite because the stone is hard.

Here are five natural granite stones ideas to enhance your kitchen’s design:

1.   Typhoon Bordeaux Granite

You can use Typhoon Bordeaux granite for both painted and stain-grade cabinets. It comes in brown, brick red, gray, and cream. Kitchens with red undertones on the floor will find this an excellent suit for a light kitchen feel. You can also use it with cream or beige cabinets to make your kitchen warm and light-filled.

The browns and brick red on the granite also pair really well with oak, walnut, mahogany, and cherry cabinets. Spanish homes with the Saltillo floor can also add warmth to this granite. The rustic charm of Spanish architecture combined with deep red and brown is very appealing.

2.   Bianco Romano

This granite is a perfect suit for anyone looking for a classic white kitchen. It blends with warm white, pure white, and beige cabinets. The warm white, gray, and beige palette also works well with stain-grade cabinets.

3.   Costa Esmeralda

This granite is a go-to for homeowners looking to create an ocean pallet in their house because it falls between blue and green. Hence, the green-blue stone will blend nicely with white cabinets as well as nickel fixtures and hardware. Men with stain-grade cabinets can also use this granite to create a masculine, warm look.

4.   Seafoam Green

This granite has a green shade, with gray and brown undertones, which creates an earthy look, making it almost geometric. It is also great for homeowners looking for an earthy or rustic feel.

5.   Absolute Black

Anyone looking for a classic kitchen can combine absolute black granite and white cabinets, and the kitchen will look great, whether honed or polished. You can also use this granite to achieve a modern or rustic feel with walnut or medium oak.