5 Top Reasons to Use the Apache Cassandra Database for Your Business

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Should you use the Apache Cassandra database for your business? What are its key advantages, and how can you save costs with it? These are just some of the key questions you might ponder when choosing the appropriate database for your organization. Before coming to a solid answer to these questions, you must know the key features and advantages of theApache Cassandra database or, for that matter, any database that you are keen on embracing for your business growth.

Suppose you are considering relying on the Cassandra database for your business. In that case, this post will give you an insight into its salient traits and whether you should deploy them for the specific needs of your company or not. However, before you analyze its benefits, get an accurate idea of Apache Cassandra and how it can add value to your existing business.

An insight into Apache Cassandra and its popularity today

Apache Cassandra is intensely popular as a database, especially for tackling heavy data loads like Facebook. Given below are the top reasons as to how this database can add value to your business if you deal with heavy data applications-

Besides being the backbone for popular platforms like Netflix and Facebook, Cassandra is highly scalable and resilient as a database for a business. It can be easily configured and mastered for getting solutions for complex issues that companies encounter in their day-to-day operations. For instance, it is difficult for you to master event logging, the collection of metrics and its evaluation, monitoring data historically, and more.

These mundane and dull tasks are challenging for most employees as there are a host of operating systems involved with devices and browsers. This makes it hard for enterprise system professionals and startup products to deal with them frequently in the business’s daily operations. So, how does Apache Cassandra eliminate these tasks and help you develop your company? In order to get the answer to the above question, you need to know the prime benefits of Apache Cassandra-

Given below are the top 5 advantages of this database –

  1. It helps to resolve complex tasks easily
  2. It’s learning curve is short
  3. Reduces the admin costs and overheads for the DevOps engineer
  4. Has fast writing and reading speeds
  5. Known for its high tolerance to fault and resilience

Now, take a look at them in detail, one-by-one:

  1. It helps to resolve complex tasks easily – Metrics collection, performing queries for historical data, event logging- these tasks are quite dull; however, they have a lot of importance in the workflows of DevOps and Big Data.

The configuration of centralized storage for logs is a challenging task, especially if you take a look at the data and the diverse variety of its sources that have been mentioned on top. Establishing centralized storage for metrics and logs for the retrieval of historical information is a huge task.

However, for Cassandra, this is simple. Once its table structure has been designed and selected, this database works like magic, and you can easily scale it as and when required.

  • Its learning curve is short – This database deploys the Cassandra Query Language that is SQL without its advanced popular traits. This might seem to be a downside in some ways; however, it is a great advantage in many ways if you examine it closely.

Specialists from popular database management and administration company RemoteDBA.com state this tool has the ability to perform remarkably well by using just a restricted list of variables, commands, and functions. Because of this simplicity, any engineer in Big Data can master the database in just about 30 days. This reduces the time for the business to promote products in the market drastically.

  • Reduces the admin costs and overheads for the DevOps engineer – As discussed earlier, the metrics collection, event logging, and tackling historical data is the Cassandra website’s main task. However, when your businesses use it to its optimal extent, they will discover that many tasks can easily be delegated to it. These results in lower admin costs and your staff can focus on the company’s core tasks. They save time when it comes to dealing with issues in the database or waste time and energy when it comes todeciphering logs constantly.
  • Has fast writing and reading speeds – Cassandra was developed in the beginning for Facebook as there are millions of reads and writes that take place every second. The database helps this social media portal attain excellent standards of performance. What is more significant is its linear values, and they have the ability to scale effortlessly. This means that after measuring the performance of read and write values on a server, you can effectively calculate how many additional servers you should add to your cluster to attain the desired performance levels, making scalability an easy task. Besides this, you can slice over partition rows with the help of partition keys to ensure you receive lightning-fast responses to all your queries.
  • Known for its high tolerance to fault and resilience – Cassandra is a cluster with no master, which implies it does not have a single point of failure. The data hashes are replicated constantly through the cluster so that you get 100% uptime in service even though there is temporary unavailability of more than half of the servers. This trait comes in handy when you need to roll out an update or perform some maintenance work pending on its clusters. So, even if the database or the full server rack or the entire data center does not have a connection, customers will never face any downtime. The business app will function without hassles, just like Netflix and Facebook.

Therefore, from the above, it is evident that the Cassandra database is intensely beneficial for conducting multiple tasks. Even if the project does not need this tool as its key database, mastering how it works is indeed a huge advantage for Big Data engineers with the goal of becoming valuable specialists in the IT industry. To know more on how Apache Cassandra can add greater value to your business, consult experienced DBA professionals today!