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On the island of Indonesia, one of the most vivid destinations for tourists around the world is Bali. Bali serves as the classic tropical heaven for young travel bloggers and enthusiasts. The sober yet breezy tropical air is utterly refreshing. Apart from being a fantastic destination, Bali holiday packages are also soft on your pockets. Besides the steep commercialization of most tourist hotspots, the island retains its natural elegance. Bali Holiday Packages is also famous among hikers who love volcanic slopes and tall misty waterfalls.

The island is rich in enthralling sceneries and graphically aesthetic surroundings. Additionally, some exclusive retail therapy and spa treatment are pretty affordable here if you crave some relaxation. Yet spirituality doesn’t leave the banks of this fun-loving island. Its magnificent temples and unreally majestic ceremonies are indeed things you wouldn’t want to miss. Despite the immense commercialization, if you stroll off beaten tracks, you can experience the old Bali. Adventures and leisures like scuba diving, climbing ancient volcanic slopes, or sunbathing on the beaches of Bali covers almost everything. If you are looking for Bali holiday packages, make sure you do not miss any of these activities.

To make your search and travel experience more wholesome, we have listed some destinations and adventures you cannot leave. When considering Bali holiday packages, visit at least a few if not all of these places. A visit to these popular yet serene places on the islet of Bali can be incredibly rejuvenating.

1.  Ubud

Considered Bali’s cultural hub, Ubud rests among the staired rice fields climbing on the mid ranges. This place is where the evidence of old Bali and its renaissance resides. It is parked with majestic museums like the Neka Art Museum that exhibits exclusive collections of Balinese art & artifacts. Apart from that, the town is budding with infinite art galleries and craft shops. The dance and musical gigs or shows held every other day are a sheer attraction. If you adore nature and its beauty, then the outskirts of Ubud are ideal. The over exposition of the main town to tourists might seem too cumbersome. Still, a short bike ride can lead you to absolute serenity.

2.  Seminyak

One of the most palatial and exclusive destinations on the island of Bali is Seminyak. Located off the south-west coast, Seminyak allures flocks of affluent tourists from around the globe. Packed with 5-star hotels, luxury restaurants, and opulent boutiques, the venues here are genuinely astonishing. Every hotel here gives the visitors a panoramic view of the Indian Ocean. Apart from that, advanced or professional surfers take an interest in the treacherous waves off the coast of Seminyak. Although the waves don’t assure a smooth surf, this is ideal if you’re someone who cherishes adventure. 

3.  Kuta Beach

Yes, Kuta has grown to surround the small and exclusively luxurious destination of Seminyak. Earlier, Kuta was just a tiny, gloomy fishing village. Surfing gave it way to become one of the prime locations of any Bali holiday packages. Located on Bali’s southern coast, Kuta beach is one of Bali’s most well-maintained and picturesque beaches. Since 1970, Kuta has been a prominent spot for fun activities like surfing. The broad and long stretch of sand offers several eye-pleasing sights. Kuta beach is primarily known for its extravagant nightlife and offbeat party spots. However, this destination might be too crowded for someone expecting peace. But a short stroll to the northern section of the beach leads you to more enriched solitude.

4.  Mount Batur

An enchanting destination for hikers, Mount Batur looks over the northeastern section of Bali. Not the topmost peaks of Bali, but Mount Batur holds up on one of the island’s most pronounced landscapes. Mount Batur is a periodically active volcano that consists of 4 craters, one lake, and various villages. Hikers love the peak view from the mountain top. Climbing to watch the sunrise is a fun activity people love. The slope is relatively easy to mount for anyone in rational shape. This scenic landscape also stores one of the nine significant temples of Bali. The Pura Ulun Danu Batur is an explicit site of Balinese beliefs.

5.  Lovina

Most Bali holiday packages will suggest resorts from this area. It is the most mammoth resort area on the northern coast of Bali. The primary attraction of Lovina is the black volcanic sand of the long stretched beach. Due to the north’s calmer ocean, Lovina is a popular spot for adventures like scuba diving. In colloquial terms, local skippers called perahu are always on foot to guide visitors to the best diving spots. Other than snorkeling and diving, the site is ideal for swimming and watching dolphins. This makes Volina a perfect destination for a family getaway.

6.  Nusa Lembongan

This is a small island that falls under the Bali province. The island is so tiny that visitors usually take a few hours to tour the island. Most Bali holiday packages consider this spot as a day trip location. The transparent, perfect aqua tinted waters of the beaches of this island mostly attract visitors. Beaches like the Mushroom Beach highlights fine, soft, and white sand where people love sunbathing. The corals and marine life here are perfectly suitable for scuba diving and snorkeling. Surfers also enjoy the waves here.

7.  Pura Luhur Uluwatu

A versatile Bali holiday package itinerary will include this magnificent temple. It is an immensely spiritual spot on the Bukit peninsula, off the southern tip of Bali. The temple is an 11th century monument built right at the edge of a limestone cliff watching over the sea. However, only Hindus are permitted into the core sanctuary. But visitors enjoy the serene and aesthetic views off the rise and the grounds. Monkeys almost seem to guard this Ganesh temple. They wait eagerly for treats from visitors. Various cultural programs and dances are performed after sunset for general tourist entertainment.

Your Takeaway

Tourism has developed in Bali more than any other international destination. With immense development, Bali right now is one of the most charming and adventurous spots for visitors. This article aims to aid your planning for booking your Bali holiday packages. With numerous locations to cover, Bali might be very tricky to plan optimally. We have picked these fabulous destinations especially for you to not miss out on the best.