Practical Fleet And Truck Pressure Washing Tips For Commercial Cleaners

One of the predominant functions of a commercial cleaning contractor is to conduct washing jobs for fleet and trucks. For this purpose, a pressure washer is used most frequently. However, you will have to orient yourself with the working of the pressure washer as each truck has different specifications that need attention while cleaning and thereby this would necessitate a different application procedure for each separate unit.

This can be a rather complicated task to navigate if you have never previously conducted any sort of pressure washing. Therefore the following enumeration of pressure washing tips for fleet and truck cleaning is going to serve as a comprehensive guide for you. Additionally, if you are a commercial cleaning business and are looking for expanding the horizons of your business ventures, the following list would be immeasurably helpful for your purposes.

Take Note Of The Temperature
As a general rule of thumb the warmer the climate is the easier it would be to power clean the trucks. If it so happens that the temperature of the day is cooler and the sky is cloudier, you might have to go over the power washing for a second time because, in such a climate, the soap would not penetrate the surface as efficiently as otherwise. In fact, it is recommended that you power wash the fleet and the trucks in a warmer climate as much as is possible.

Take The Necessary Preparations For Power Washing

Power washing is a job that entails several levels of preparation. To make sure that you do the job well, you would have to first make a list of all the items and the steps that you would require during a power washing episode.
This exhaustive list would be inclusive of the type and the quantity of fleet, the necessary frequency of the cleaning procedure. You would also have to take into account the available amount of water and the function of the wash water recovery system.

Once you have that noted down, you would have to determine the degree of cleaning that is required. This is a crucial step because this is what would dictate the kind of power washer you will be needing for the job.
After the finalization of the type of power washer that you will be using, you will have to examine the fleet to check for any open windows, oil leaks, or any other type of pre-existing damage that has been done to the equipment.

Finally, make sure that you have thoroughly gone through the manufacturer’s instruction manual to learn more about the kind of chemical that you can and cannot use, and if there are any further prohibitions on the trucks, like for instance, the particular dwell time.

What Are The Environmental Regulations?

Lastly, be certain that you always meticulously adhere to the prerequisite environmental rules and regulations. For example, you can clear out an area for the purpose of wastewater collection so that it is not automatically channelized to flow into the storm drain.

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