Economical and efficient. Supra HDS-205 humidifier review

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The heating season in our country lasts quite a long time humidifier review, about six months. In many houses, hot batteries bring inconvenience to their owners, as they significantly dry out the air. The optimum humidity in the apartment, in winter is 45% and in summer 60%, but in reality in our apartments the humidity level is approximately 15-25%. As a result, the owners of such apartments often suffer from colds and respiratory diseases, dry skin may occur, a headache may occur and immunity decreases. Moreover, furniture, wallpaper and even flowers deteriorate. Previously, humanity, as a rule, fought with this “ailment” by folk methods, for example, urinated a rag or towel and hung out on the battery. But the 21st century is the century of advanced technologies, so various gadgets came to the rescue to replace popular ideas.


I have been choosing a humidifier for a long time. I studied various sites, watched a lot of videos. Therefore, I can share a few tips when choosing such a unit. The main criteria for choosing a humidifier that you should pay attention to are:

1) Type of humidifier

There are only three types of humidifiers:

• Traditional – they use natural evaporation, which occurs quickly and the process itself cannot be seen. The main advantage is additional air purification.

• Steam – this humidifier does its job well, but uses a lot of energy. This humidifier works on the principle of “hot steam”, water is boiled. Just because of this, it is not safe to contact such a portable device  at the time of its operation.

• Ultrasonic – works on the “cold steam” principle. All this happens due to the work of a vibrating membrane, on which water enters. Due to the high frequency vibration, the water breaks up into dust and thrown out in the form of a fine mist. Perhaps these are the best humidifiers, as they give the finest suspension of water, so this water is in the air for a long time. After all, the larger the drops of water, the faster they will settle on furniture, etc.

2) Working area

On the modern market, there are mini air humidifiers on sale that are aimed at humidifying small rooms or an employee’s office workplace, as a rule, the tank for such a humidifier does not exceed a capacity of 1-1.5 liters. There are also household humidifiers of larger capacity, which are designed for rooms of large square meters.

3) What kind of water can be used

There are various humidifiers, some models are specifically aimed at using exclusively distilled water, but since many people do not have access or funds to large volumes of distilled water, then you should not buy such a humidifier.

4) The presence of a hygrostat

An important criterion for choosing a humidifier review is the presence of a hygrostat. For those not in the know, a hygrostat is a control device for optimal humidification and economical use of energy. Lack of hygrostat can lead to waterlogging and high energy consumption.

5) Availability of additional functions

If the choice will vary between several humidifiers, then sometimes the presence of additional functions will be a decisive factor:

– timer; – setting the power supply of steam; – air ionization; – humidity control; – automatic shutdown in the absence of water; – the use of aroma oils; – the possibility of adding water.

Boneco U201A humidifier review

When choosing a humidifier, the main criteria determined by reliability and ease of use. At first glance, the Boneco U201A humidifier meets these simple requirements completely. The Swiss firm that specializes in HVAC equipment seems to be reliable. One rotary switch control. What could be easier? There are no bells and whistles like a thermometer with a hygrometer. For myself, I consider them superfluous. The hygrometer measures the humidity directly next to the humidifier, and what happens to the humidity in the other corner of the room remains a mystery, we just logically understand that it is probably less. The thermometer, if the humidifier is next to the battery, is also clearly not very accurate. Well, okay, these things are not in this humidifier review and it’s wonderful. These are the reasons why the Boneco U201A was chosen.

When the water runs out, the backlight turns red and the humidifier review itself begins to beep. Then it turns off, but at night it wakes everyone up with its squeak Humidifiers Factory, so it’s better to fill it to the brim in the evening. 

Here is its actual appearance 


For the time being, I did not even think about purchasing this device. It happened by chance when I was studying the Internet with my wife in search of advice. The fact that my wife has problems with breathing, it is dry and sometimes nosebleeds occur, and I sometimes had a headache at home in the evenings, but I never attached much importance to this. All this happened in the winter. And so, one day we stumbled upon advice. It consisted in the acquisition of a humidifier, thanks to which it would be necessary to adhere to the optimal room humidity, as a result of which our problems would be solved. At first I did not believe it, but after much thought, studying the Internet and getting to know various air humidifiers, I decided to buy this unit. The choice made in favor of SUPRA HDS – 205.

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