The 9 Benefits of Solid Hardwood Flooring

If you intend to renovate a commercial or residential space, then you may want to consider getting yourself a solid hardwood flooring. Such a flooring would imbibe a sense of aesthetic appeal and permanence to your interiors which is probably why such a trend has stayed so popular for centuries and why many homeowners are now turning to such a flooring as a way to upgrade their home. While some may choose to go with a more timeless look like that of wood flooring, others may opt for this style of flooring as its easier to clean as well as maintain. In the following article, we will illustrate just why you should take to the use of solid hardwood flooring and why it’s the most ideal choice for you.

  • Visually appealing for your home

Solid hardwood flooring would add just the right amount of sophistication and warmth to your home, thereby making your home more pleasant and inviting. Such flooring makes for good first impressions, particularly if you are someone who enjoys having people over.

  • Easy to clean and maintain

Among the many advantages of having solid hardwood flooring, would be that it’s relatively easy to clean and they can even be swept, scrubbed, vacuumed or steam cleaned to do away with any dirt, dust or debris which may have accumulated. In all likelihood, you won’t have to worry about your floors harbouring any potential environmental hazards such as pet dander or dust mites. Another positive aspect about these floors is that they are more resistant to stains than carpets. So if your spill something, all you have to do is wipe it up and good to go.

  • Strength and durability

The durability is another one of the primary factors which prompts homeowners to upgrade their floors to solid hardwood flooring. Part of the reason why it is rather easy to maintain is because of their durability. There is a chance that these floors could get scratched or dented but with adequate care and maintenance, the hard surface could very well last for years and even decades.

  • There is value added to your home

Selling your home which contains solid hardwood flooring would most likely fetch you more money as compared to if your home had carpets. Most home buyers are not keen to purchase a house with carpets, particularly if those carpets are used by someone else. In fact, many of those buyers might end up replacing those carpets later which is all the more reason for them to pay more for a home that already contains solid hardwood flooring. Due to the fact that it’s a much sought after feature, the wood flooring may even aid you in selling your house faster.

  • Improved air quality

Unlike in the case of carpets, solid hardwood flooring does not trap pollen, dust, animal dander or other such common allergens. Meaning thereby, that it will be much easier in improving your indoor air quality. It is also advisable for people with allergies to opt for the wooden floors.

  • Appears eye-catching in all decorative themes

Such flooring serves as an ideal choice for homeowners because of its ability to adapt to almost any interior deco theme. The solid hardwood flooring would fit in well no matter what kind of decorative accents or colours your home contains.