Must have Personal Safety Products

Sometimes, having an armoured vehicle may not always be enough and one needs to take additional steps to ensure their safety. Hence, we bring you the best of personal armour that will provide that much needed security even when you step out of your armoured vehicle. There exists a broad spectrum of different products which are tailor made to suit the requirements of each customer. Some of these products are listed in the following:

  • Protection from bombs and bullets

It’s a given that armoured vehicles are formulated to protect you from several degrees of ballistic risks and the level of protection that you undertake when you leave your vehicle will largely be dependent on the kinds of risks and threats that you may encounter. As a result, you have carefully crafted bullet resistant vests that are widely used by law enforcement officers, military personnel, hunting professionals as well as other interested customers. Bullet resistant bags and purses are developed to strategically and stylishly shield away light weight ballistic protection. Such bags are very low profile in terms of providing portable bullet resistant armour. They even come complete with ample storage space and pockets, thereby, making them a practical and safer option than your regular, every day bag.

  • Supplies for emergencies

In the event of something possibly untoward happening, one could even have an emergency road repair kit to aid you in getting your damaged vehicle functioning properly. Then there is also am ABC fire extinguisher that weighs around five pounds and helps in tackling fires which emanate in spite of the layers of protection around the engine. In case, it is a health related emergency, then a fully functional first aid kit along with an emergency oxygen supply is a must. With the help of a first aid kit, you’ll be better prepared to help other people who may have encountered a casualty in the midst of an attack around your vehicle.

  • Blankets which provide bomb protection

While the standard floor armour may offer some measure of protection from grenades, the bomb protection blanket, however, could very well protect you from threats such as hand grenades, pipe bombs. Such blankets are made to take in the impact of the explosion and fragmented pieces of the bomb which in turn, would help to minimize the blast impact.

  • Body armour

Storing such armour in the gear storage system will be viable as it’s easy to get at. Body armours which are commonly used are bullet resistant vests that are crafted from tightly woven fibres and are especially formulated to withstand impacts and proliferate the energy from the projectiles that reach the vest. Several layers of armouring leads to better protection as they would slow down or even stop the bullets altogether from penetrating the skin, thereby, alleviating the risk of bodily harm. There are also vests which cater to a higher level of protection such as in the case of metal plates.

  • Bullet proof cases

Armoured purses and briefcases comes in an array of different colours and styles and can even bring about a great deal of protection without having to wear an armoured vest.