How To Select The Perfect Microwave Container

Microwave has made cooking and reheating food more convenient and easy. But the most important thing is to select the right container for it. Not all containers are safe for use in a microwave. Nowadays many new microwave models access a multitude of functions which help you cook quickly, eat healthy and delicious and save money.

With the invention of this easy to use device, cooking has become more fun and easier. It allows you to experiment and make delicious dishes without much complications. Most microwaves access automatic cooking functions and these are worth using. Also, don’t forget to check the manufacturer’s instructions before operating the microwave.

If you put the wrong container inside the microwave it will either melt or burst due to heat produced inside since it’s not a microwave oriented container. Not all the containers are suitable for microwave use, there are special containers which are made specially for it. These containers are made up of different materials keeping in view the features of a microwave. In addition to that these containers are heat resistant which allows it to bear the heat and still remain intact without exploding.

Below are some tips on how to select the perfect microwave container:

  • Keep in mind the material of the container: There are some microwave containers that are made up of plastic and pose a threat to your health. Whereas glass containers are ideal for microwave use. In any case it is best to gain knowledge about various containers and potential dangers associated with it before selecting a container because that would allow you to make a safe choice.
  • Read the safety designations: It is advised to check the packaging of the container and look for a ‘microwave-safe’ label before purchasing it. Mostly these containers are designed to be microwave safe and have safety labels on its packaging and the product itself. It is very important to read the safety measures mentioned before considering the purchase.
  • Double check with a safety test: It is better to do a double check with a safety test. All you have to do is place the container you want to test inside the microwave then put another container filled with one cup of regular water inside it. Heat the microwave for one minute and then see if the empty container is cool then it indicates that the container is safe for use. If it gets partially warm then you can consider using that container for only reheating food and if it’s completely hot consider not using that container at all.
  • Be aware of which substances to avoid : Try to avoid plastic containers unless they are specially designed for microwave use. To be more specific plastic containers with phthalates, polyvinyl chloride, and polycarbonate are hazardous for your health. Also, paper containers are not considered suitable for microwaves. Only glass and ceramic containers are advised for microwave use. For these glass and ceramic containers also check for ‘microwave-safe’ label and make sure they do not contain any other material such as rims which are totally unsafe for microwave usage.