Tips for safe and effective security patrol

  • Always carry the defensive gear

No matter where you are going for the patrol, and what is the routine, you should always carry your defensive gear. Defensive gear is something that should never be compromised; you never know when things take a turn for the worst. It is important to protect your guards against the unexpected. If your guards are carrying a firearm, you should make sure that they have it safely equipped. Apart from the defensive gear, they should also be equipped with a flashlight, radio, pepper spray, and a baton.

  • Stay mindful of the job site and its hazards

Sometimes security guards are asked to patrol commercial buildings that have hazardous material in them. If this is the case, make sure that your security guard is properly briefed about it. They should know about the hazardous substances and the dangers that are surround them. For instance, you should know if a substance is prone to get stolen. In this case, you should use particular barrels, to guard the substance accordingly. You should also let the guard know about the protocol, if they were to accidentally come in contact with the dangerous substance.

  • Appropriate clothing

Many people do not think of clothing as it may not seem like a match in mind; however, You should ensure that your guard is dressed properly to perform the job. For instance, the guard should be wearing the right shoes. The shoes should allow the guard to run, walk, and perform physical activity effectively and efficiently. Ensuring that the guard has comfortable footwear enables them a good range of motion and protects them from getting injured.

  • Maintaining a safe distance from suspects

It is always important to maintain a safe distance from the suspects, when interviewing a potential suspect; you never know how they will act. Thus, all guards on the security patrol must speak to people with at least one arm distance. This is important because it allows the guard to react if suspect were to try and attack.

  • Patrolling at random intervals

You should never be predictable when it comes to patrolling; this is the worst thing you can do in law enforcement. This allows the suspects to create plans, which undermines the patrol efforts and can cause you harm. You should make sure that your guards are not being tracked; you can do this by varying the times between security patrol checkpoints. This is done to make it harder for the criminals to operate and make plans.

  • Always vary your route

Security guards are generally assigned particular checkpoints throughout their shift. However, this is quite risky as it makes the guard’s movement predictable, which again, allows them to get outsmarted or harmed. You should always try to keep the guard’s movement unpredictable, which makes the planning of the criminal activity quite difficult.

  •  Know emergency procedures

Make sure that your guard know all the emergency procedures while security patrol. For instance, they should know what to do In case of a fire or an earthquake.