What Are Some Of The Benefits Of Having Houseplants?

Houseplants are often included in a living room setup to improve the aesthetic appeal of the space and also for numerous health reasons. A lot of people consider it to be an inconvenience to have houseplants, because they require more care than most other plants due to their delicate nature. While it is true that these need to be cared for properly- they need to be trimmed from time to time, watered every day, placed in a position where they receive adequate light and air- houseplants also have numerous benefits which can easily trump the maintenance aspect that goes behind caring for them.

Common houseplants with proven benefits include English Ivy, Spider Plant, Dragon Tree, Snake Plant, Peace Lily, Boston Fern, Gerbera Daisy and so on. Small herbs and spices like clove, cardamom and cinnamon can also be grown along these for their practical uses. Some of the most important benefits of having houseplants include:

  1. They purify the air.

Houseplants are mostly used in indoor settings, and in houses nowadays, windows and ventilators are designed differently. This can sometimes cause the air inside the house to become stale, due to inadequate ventilation which is a problem in many houses. These houses can benefit greatly from having houseplants, since they will help purify the air inside the house. Plants absorb volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from the air inside the house and use them for food production.

  • They help you to breathe better.

This is partly because of the first reason mentioned, as well as for the fact that some plants like orchids and succulents release oxygen even during the night. While most plants release oxygen during the day due to photosynthesis, they do not do so at night. Therefore, if you place orchids and succulents in space like your bedroom and living room, you can be able to breathe better.

  • They can help you focus and concentrate better.

While this is not a completely proven fact, it can be said that having plants in your room will not only make it look prettier and more aesthetic, they will also impact your subconscious mind into relaxing more. This will help you with your sleeping patterns as well as help you focus and concentrate better on your work.

  • They can improve overall health.

It has been proven that patients and sick people tend to recover better when they are surrounded by houseplants and other smaller shrubs. These plants can help in better respiration and they purify the air. This can help in decreasing recovery symptoms like fever and cough. In addition to this, the visual appeal of these houseplants will act as a positive factor in improving people’s mental health.

While houseplants come with their benefits, it is important to know which kind of plant would grow in which condition. Overstuffing your living space with houseplants will not really have any positive impact and you would have to spend hours behind their upkeep.