Surefire Ways to Increase Your Internet Speed with Linksys RE6300 Setup

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Are you struggling with slow internet speed? Is the downloading speed taking ages to download? If so, keep reading and we’ll show you how to increase your internet speed with Linksys RE6300 setup.

Test Your Internet Speed

The first and foremost thing you need to do is to test your internet speed. Doing so will let you know if you are getting enough internet speed or not.

To run a speed test:

  • Turn on a PC or laptop.
  • Load up a web browser.
  • Enter internet speed test in the address bar.
  • Hit the Enter key.
  • Your result will be displayed on the same page. A good download speed is 10 Mbps per member.

Turn off your Linksys Extender off and on again

This is one of the most powerful suggestions. Turn off your Linksys extender for some time and turn it on again. It is called power cycling and can often wipe out out a bunch of issues that affect your internet speed.

Check for WiFi-Interference

Sometimes the WiFi devices in your neighbors can affect your internet speed and hamper your surfing experience a lot. So, simply kick off the interference-creating WiFi devices and see if this work for you or not.

For this, you have to keep your Linksys extender, existing router or the modem away from the reach of third-party WiFi devices.

Move your Linksys Extender

If your extender is located in some far corners of your house, a quick and easy way to improve your internet speed is by moving your RE6300 at the center location of your home near to the router or modem. 

Connect Via Ethernet Cable

Wireless connection is nice but it is often slower than an Ethernet connection. 

So, to get the most out of your WiFi, connect your Linksys extender to the router or modem using an Ethernet cable.

Update Firmware

Your Linksys extender, router or the modem has its own software that need to be updated on time. So, visit your device official site and, enter the model number, and get the firmware update by following the instructions.

For example, for your Linksys extender, you go to where you can update the firmware and tweak its settings. 

Test a Different Router or Modem

One of the biggest causes behind slow speed of the internet is a bad modem or the router. In the event if your internet connection drops frequently, then before blaming your ISP, check whether your modem or router is compatible with the internet plan you’re on or not.

To check, contact your ISP. He will provide you a list of suited internet modems and routers. If you own a modem or the router provided by your service provider, it will be compatible for the internet plan you have purchased. And if you have purchased the device from a third-party service provider, you will get a manual that consists of the list of ISPs that provides services to it. So, make sure to go through the manual once prior to spending money and switching to a new device.


It is advisable to replace your modem or the router every 4-5 years in order to revamp your internet speed.


  • Linksys X6200 AC750 Wi-Fi VDSL Modem Router
  • Linksys X1000 N300 Wi-Fi Router with ADSL2+ Modem
  • Linksys X3500 N750 Dual-Band Wireless Router with ADSL2+ Modem and USB
  • Linksys XAC1200 AC1200 Dual-Band Wi-Fi Modem Router
  • Linksys XAC1900 Dual-Band Wi-Fi Modem Router
  • Linksys Dual-Band Mesh WiFi 6 Router (MR9600)
  •  Linksys MAX-STREAM Mesh WiFi 6 Router (MR7350)
  • Linksys MAX-STREAM Mesh WiFi 5 Router (MR6350)
  • Linksys EA6350-4B AC1200 Dual-Band WiFi 5 Router
  • MR9000 Max-Stream AC3000 Tri-Band Mesh WiFi 5 Router
  • Linksys MR8300 Mesh WiFi Router, AC2200, MU-MIMO
  • Linksys EA7450 Max-Stream AC1900 MU-MIMO Gigabit Wi-Fi Router
  • Linksys WiFi Router Dual-Band AC1000 (WiFi 5)
  • Linksys Dual-Band AX3200 WiFi 6 Router (E8450)
  • Linksys Dual-Band AX1800 WiFi 6 Router (E7350)
  • Linksys EA8100 Max-Stream Dual-Band WiFi 5 Router
  • Linksys Dual-Band AC1200 WiFi 5 Router (E5600)

These are just a few suggestions. There are lot many models of routers and modems waiting for you. So, visit the official site of Linksys and choose the product as per your preference.

That’s a Wrap

We hope that the easy tips showed you how to increase your internet speed from a snail’s pace to blazing fast with Linksys extender setup worked for you. Have any other suggestions? Let us know in the comment section.