How Oasis Fertility Can Be a Boon in Today’s Modern Era?

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Infertility is on the rise in our times. According to scientists at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, sperm counts of men in the West have fallen more than 50 % in the past 40 years and are decreasing by an average of 1.4% annually. This is just one part of the infertility issue. Nowadays, couples are having babies later in their lives.

While the trend is ubiquitous in the Western countries, it has also started to reflect amongst Indian couples. The problem lies in the fact that when a woman reaches the age of 32, her chances of conceiving start to decrease gradually but significantly. When she reaches the age of 40, the chances of conceiving drop by half.

On the other hand, more and more men now have sperm counts low enough to impair their fertility. Couples wait until they are over 30 and then find out that they have issues with reproduction. Many aspects of the modern lifestyle – mobile phones, smoking, stress, alcohol and drug use, poor nutrition and increased BMI are some of the suspected reasons for the rise in infertility. Let us find out what can be done about this problem.

Oasis Fertility – The New Age Fertility Solution in India

Oasis Fertility is not just another regular fertility clinic. It is an innovative healthcare provider with a wide array of advanced infertility treatments. Other than the usual treatment options such as Ovulation Induction, IntraUterine Insemination (IUI), and In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), they provide a range of advanced infertility treatment options such as Fertility Preservation, Preimplantation Genetic Screening (PGS), and Freezing Vitrification.

So, how is this beneficial for people in today’s modern world? Let’s find out.

Choose the time of having a baby

Fertility Preservationis a modern advancement in reproductive medicine which enables patients to preserve or retain their fertility or ability to procreate. There are several options of fertility preservation available, such as Oocyte Vitrification, Embryo CryoPreservation, Ovarian Transplantation, and Semen Freezing.

Some of these treatments aren’t even available in most clinics across India. In today’s modern era, young urban people lead a hectic lifestyle and choose to have babies later in life. This is where fertility preservation comes into the picture. With these medical procedures, young men and women can choose to vitrify their sperm or oocytes to be used later. This way, they can have a baby whenever in life without having to worry about infertility issues that come with age.

Overcome the loss of fertility with treatment for medical conditions

This procedure is also helpful for people undergoing treatment for conditions such as cancer, ferti leukemia, lymphomas, sarcomas, systemic lupus erythematosus, acute glomerulonephritis, behcet’s disease, hepatitis, autoimmune diseases, lupus and others that cause reduced fertility. In cases like these, people can opt for fertility preservation before undergoing these treatments. This is a blessing for people diagnosed with such conditions.

Become a parent with high success rates

With infertility on the rise, more people are turning to infertility treatments to become parents. However, the success rates for such treatments are not always promising. But Oasis Fertility boasts success rates higher than the global average, in not one, but almost all the parameters in different treatment options such as IUI, IVF Fresh Cycle, IVF Frozen Embryo Transfer, IVM and others. With the current scenario, couples with infertility issues prefer to consult a healthcare provider who is more likely to give them successful results.

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