How to Dribble a Basketball

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Basketball is a popular sport where two teams, usually of five players each against another on a square rectangular court, battle it out with the objective of knocking the other team out of the game with a series of baskets or free throws. This game was first played as recreation for youngsters at school and became an even more popular sport as adults got involved in the sport as well. In today’s society, the sport of basketball has become a yearly event as people continue to seek out new challenges and continue to entertain themselves by watching this exciting sport. There are many ways to play basketball and all of the variations can be played either inside of a basketball court or out on the court.

The earliest game that most Americans begin learning about is basketball. Many of the pioneers of basketball played their games during the early years in a basketball court designed out of wood or a material similar to the material that is used to make tennis courts. While these courts were impressive in their design, they were unable to withstand very heavy play and often needed to be repaired constantly due to constant wear and tear. Today, basketball courts are made of much stronger materials and are much easier to maintain, but they still aren’t able to withstand the extreme wear and tear that is placed on them by thousands of players every single day. This is why indoor basketball courts are typically much sturdier than their outdoor counterparts.

Basketball developed into a more competitive sport

As basketball developed into a more competitive sport, the emphasis on teamwork began to take place and professional basketball players started taking on more specialized roles on the court. Early basketball players were no longer just scorers; they were also defenders, a position that required a tremendous amount of strength, agility and ball handling skills. As time progressed, the importance of a strong power forward role also arose as the popularity of the sport grew. A power forward is typically a strong shot-blocker and rebounder who can bully smaller defenders off the glass in the paint.

When you watch nba streams, you will notice that a typical game day starter will dribble the basketball multiple times per possession. This is because a typical starter will stand in the corner, run the court, make passes to the bench players, initiate fast breaks and sometimes take a couple of shots with his teammates. Dribbling the basketball takes a tremendous amount of finesse and skill, which can only be taught by practicing. Although there are many great basketball players in the world, they all have one thing in common; they know how to dribble a basketball correctly.

Dribble mechanics are not the only attributes needed when dribbling a basketball. Other factors include ball handling skills, shooting attributes and ball control. Dribbling a basketball with excellent ball handling skills allows a player to control the pace of the game, being able to control the action on the court. When dribbling a basketball with good ball handling skills, the chances of making free throws will increase and shooting efficiency will improve as well.

It requires good sense of balance

Dribbling a basketball requires a good sense of balance and coordination. Having excellent balance will allow a player to make strong drives to the basket or make strong drives to the free throw line. A strong center can also be a valuable aspect of the sport when it comes to dribbling a basketball.

Another important attribute that a good dribbler must possess is the ability to convert quick movements into solid shots. This skill is sometimes referred to as offensive power. Most small forwards, power forwards and centers to play the point at a high level in the NBA. Power forwards are often asked to play the position of the guard, where they provide the ball handling skills and the passing capabilities. Guards are also often asked to play the position of a shooting guard or small forward in the NBA. In order to effectively convert quick movements into shots, a guard needs to be extremely quick with his feet and strong with his arms. By visiting nba stream xyz you can watch online all nba games.


Basketball is fast-paced and requires a great deal of agility, athleticism, and explosiveness. If a guard wants to excel in this sport, he needs to have above-average court speed, a powerful body lift, and the ability to rotate from one position to the other quickly. Guards play an important role on every team in the modern NBA. The right guards can be counted on to provide leadership and solid defense.