Look back at some of the classic Sports based Video Games

If you are a millennial like me who likes playing video games and specifically the sports genre then get ready for a hit of nostalgia. As we look back at some of the classics and have a feel for the good old days when things were simpler, we see how games have changed. In the past all you had to do was buy your favorite sports based game, install it on your computer and start playing the game. Then these games got some updates and you had online modes where you can play against your friends, which made them even more enjoyable.

Since then these games have come up with so many modes and versions that sometimes it can get confusing. From making fantasy teams in the game to buying pay to win there is so much more to do and sometimes it can become a bit hectic. For example in a game like NHL 21, a successor of the classic NHL 95, if you want to stay at the top of the game you must spend your hard earned real life money on in-game currency to buy nhl 21 coins a virtual currency, which will help you buy exclusive players and items, otherwise not available in the game. This makes the game a lot more fun albeit competitive. Well without further a due let us reminisce together as we look back some of the classics ESports games.


We loved Fifa Street also and above all for its flaws: exaggerated, unlikely, bizarre. But what other game allowed you to “dominate the street” in a city context completely devoid of arbiter and rules? A game where It was not just about scoring, but also and above all humiliating the opponent with tricks from the other world. It is no coincidence that these were the years in which Ronaldinho dominated the world.

NBA 2K11

The turning point game, an impressive show of strength from the US company 2K Sports awarded by the 5.5 million units sold worldwide. Since then, only masterpieces have been forged: now try to distinguish between NBA basketball simulation and reality! It could only be Michael Jordan the cover man of such a gem.


Staying on the subject of unbridled fun (and returning for a moment to the arcade) how can we not mention the hilarious NBA Jam, THE cult title in the stars and stripes basketball theme? Impossible to dismiss it as a simulation: it was played two against two with the NBA super stars to hover up to the ceiling and then disintegrate the basket with a smash … The arcade version was an epochal success, the 16-bit version for fourth-era consoles featured graphics and breathtaking game play . BoomShakaLaka!


The “Madden” series was equally captivating, to the point of inducing several daredevil Italian users to approach American football with extreme profit, a sport only apparently difficult and exotic by their standards. 2006 edition particularly appreciated by critics and audiences for the “career” mode, cornerstone of Electronic Arts Sports.

NHL 95

While not particularly popular in every country, hockey is a sport that breaks the screen when it comes to video games and EA Sports’ NHL series has always been top of the line. Fun, frenetic, spectacular from a graphic point of view and characterized by various game modes: the video game was addictive even to newbies who were Able to master the game after a few weeks. The 95 edition bordered on perfection. It paved the way for a dominant series on the market. While NHL 95 will always stay in my heart, one of my favorite mode in new NHL 21 version is the HUT. It allows a fantasy sports nut like me to make my own dream team. It does help if you buy nhl 21 coins to get all your favorite players. But it’s a small price to pay for the joy you get in return.


The video game produced by the British developer Psygnosis brought the Formula 1 season straight into our homes, punctuated by Andrea De Adamich’s unforgettable “trash” commentary. Innovative from all points of view by the standards of the time, it required a fair amount of skill to succeed in the game, to be rigorously developed through constant training. The joy of brushing the Ascari Variant or the Tobacconist’s Curve from the sofa at home is priceless.


Backed by an icon of sport and style, he redefined the codes of the skateboarding video game and more. Too “cool” not to take root everywhere, even in our latitudes. And we want to talk about that pyrotechnic punk rock / nu metal soundtrack? Spectacular sport, spectacular video game: elementary equation, right?