Some Unique and Effective Methods to Organize PC Memory

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To keep the computer in the perfect running condition you need to keep organizing the files timely. If you fail to do that then the files might get cluttered up and take up the storage space of the system. The decline in the speed of the system is due to excess load on the hard drive and Ram. it is advised to keep the drives clean.

If you have never organized your data then also you can optimize the system’s memory easily and keep the condition maintained. You must be wondering how you can do that? So, follow this article till the end. We have listed some of the best methods which you can use to organize the PC memory easily.

Effective Methods to Organize PC Memory

Before you start with the below-mentioned methods to optimize memory. It is advised to keep your PC clean so that you can easily follow the instructions.

Merge the Duplicate Files Together

Files that are similar are considered duplicates, either you need to get rid of them or you need to organize them in such a way that it doesn’t affect the processing of the work. If you wish to remove them then you can choose the manual method or an automatic method.  In the manual method, you need to find and remove the duplicates manually. On the other hand, if using the automatic method, you need to have software that can easily help you to remove duplicate photos.

After you are done with the cleaning of the system then you need to merge the files which you think may have duplicates. You can also keep the files with similar files in the same folder. For changing the location of the files, you can either cut and paste the files from the folder location to the new location. If not cut-paste then, you can drag and drop the files to a specific folder. Dragging and dropping will easily change the location.

Keep Photos Together

Photos or videos are the files when stored in the system it gets hard to find them. If you have an organized library you may not face this issue anymore.  All you need to do is find a location where you will keep the photos and videos, then you need to keep making the subfolders. In the folders and sub-folders, you need to keep adding the files.

The folders and subfolders will help you in locating the files easily. If you wish to ease this process to another level then you can try and name every file with a specific date or title that can be helpful in identifying.

You can even choose to have cloud storage where you can keep all your photos and videos. The storage cost varies depending on the storage you will choose.

Manage Documents

All the documents on your PC are very important, but when you try to find them it can be very tough to find. In such cases, you need to keep them organized in a separate folder which can help you locate them easily.

You can either create a folder separate for documents or you can even use a disk (if you have many files). After you change the position you can just by searching or opening the folder to find them. This is a very simple and easy hack that most users don’t use while organizing their system.

New Files

In a hurry or just to save time you might save the files at the default location. But this can lead to a failure in organizing the files. You need to store the files at the location which you have made for them.

Using this method will save time for moving the files and can also help you in finding them easily whenever you need them.

Back-up Files

The files which you store on your PC are very crucial but then due to any problem or threat they can be corrupted. To avoid such kinds of issues you need to keep your PC data backed up. There are two very common methods using which you can back up your system’s data.

You can either use the cloud storage platforms to back up your data.  There are many platforms including Google Drive, iCloud, Dropbox, and many others, that you can use to store your data. Every platform charges some amount of money for the subscription. The pricing of the platform depends on the storage you take.

Other than the cloud storage platform you can choose to buy an external hard disk. The hard disk is very easy to connect and store data. You can carry it anywhere you want and by just plugging it into the device you can access the data easily.

Concluding the List of Some Unique and Effective Methods to Organize PC Memory

We have mentioned some of the easiest methods that you can use to organize your PC. Once you start doing it, you will never face a problem in finding the files. We hope that this article is helpful to you in organizing.